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SEC Panel Draft Budget 2018 – 2021 Published

20 February 2018

In accordance with Section C8.11 – C8.13 of the SEC, in January of each year the Panel are required to set out a draft budget for the following three Regulatory Years commencing thereafter. Following consultation with Parties and Panel approval, the Draft Budget is published on the SEC Website to become the Approved Budget 15 Working Days thereafter and become effective on 1st April of that Regulatory Year.

The Draft Budget for the Regulatory Years 2018 – 2021 was approved by the Panel on 9th February 2018, and can be found  below. The Draft Budget will remain as the Draft Budget until 8th March 2018, after which it will become the Approved Budget for 2018 – 2021, to become effective on 1st April 2018.

The SEC Panel’s response to the comments received by the organisations that responded to the Draft Budget consultation in January 2018 can also be found below.


SEC Panel Draft Budget 2018-2021


Draft Budget 2018 - 2021 Consultation Responses



SEC Panel Draft Budget 2018 – 2021 Consultation

2 January 2018

SEC Panel Draft Budget 2018 – 2021

During January of each year the SEC Panel prepare and circulate to all Parties a Draft Budget for the next three Regulatory Years.

Over the last three months, the Panel Finance and Contracts sub-group (PFCG) and the SEC Panel have collaboratively prepared and refined the attached Draft Budget covering Regulatory Years 2018/21.

Following SEC Panel approval at their meeting on 8th December 2017, the SEC Draft Budget 2018 – 2021 has now been published for consultation. The Draft Budget document and a letter inviting SEC Parties to comment can be found below.

How do I respond?

If you wish to respond to this consultation, please provide comments by 5:00pm on Wednesday, 31st January 2018 to the SECAS Helpdesk (secas@gemserv.com). Please include Draft Budget Response as the subject line of your email.

Following the end of this consultation, the Panel will consider comments from Parties, and amend the Draft Budget in line with any comments, if required.


SEC Panel Draft Budget 2018-2021


Draft Budget 2018-2021 Consultation Letter