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Self-Service Interface

SECMP0058 ‘Changes to the governance of the Self-Service Interface’ was implemented on 27 June 2019 (June 2019 SEC Release). The modification made amendments to SEC Appendix AH ‘Self Service Interface Access Control Specification’ by removing the low-level detail and functional requirements and moving these to a new technical specification document titled the Self-Service Interface (SSI) Baseline Requirements Document. This document is maintained by the Data Communications Company (DCC) and is not subject to SEC Section D ‘Modification Process’. Instead, the SEC Panel or a delegated Sub-Committee will approve all changes being made to the document.

More information on the SSI, as well the SSI Baseline Requirements Document can be found on the DCC’s website here.

A new governance process was also put in place outlining the step-by-step governance rules for managing improvements to the Self-Service Interface, allowing for a more efficient SSI change process.