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The Smart Energy Code (SEC) was designated on 23rd September 2013 following the granting of the DCC Licence. The current version in force (SEC 5.10) came into effect on the 14th September 2017.
BEIS will be implementing further versions of the SEC under the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP). Further information on the SMIP can be found here.

Below is a tool that sets out all the SEC and Guidance Documents in one place. It includes four sections: the Consolidated SEC versions, individual SEC Sections, SEC Subsidiary Documents and Guidance Documents. Search functionality is also available to help you navigate the documents you are looking for. 

Secretary of State Variations to the SEC

The Secretary of State (SoS) may direct variations to SEC provisions. Such variations are not subject to the SEC Section D: Modification Process, but may still vary existing provisions in the SEC. 

A log of all the SoS directed variations to date can be found on the SoS Variations to the SEC webpage.

For information on how the SEC and supporting documentation is developing prior to SoS designation, please see The Developing SEC sub-page.


Consolidated SEC
SEC Sections
SEC Subsidiary Documents
SEC Section Guidance
SECAS General Guidance

Technical Specification Compatibility Matrix 

SEC Section F2.11 sets out the requirements for a matrix specifying which versions of each

  • Technical Specification are compatible with which Versions of the other Technical Specification; and 
  • part(s) of the SMETS are compatible with which Versions of each other part(s) of the SMETS.

The Technical Specification Compatibility Matrix is available to download from the Related Documentation list on this webpage.

Parse and Correlate Applicability Matrix

SEC Section A3.35, sets out the requirement for a 'Parse and Correlate Applicability Matrix'.

It lists each version of the Parse and Correlate Software that has been released, along with the associated versions of the:

  • DCC User Interface Specification (DUIS) and DUIS XML that is contained within it; 
  • Message Mapping Catalogue; and
  • Great Britain Companion Specification (GBCS).

The Parse and Correlate Applicability Matrix is available to download from the Related Documentation list on this webpage.

SEC Statement of live documents 

As set out in the Panel Release Management Policy, a statement of current live SEC Documentation has been produced by SECAS as a reference aid to help SEC Parties identify when different SEC documentation was first designated and subsequently amended. The statement includes two worksheets

The 'SEC statement of live SEC docs' worksheet, includes:

  • The type of SEC content (Section, Schedule or Appendix);
  • associated reference letter or number;
  • title of the SEC Section, Schedule or Appendix;
  • specific version number (if applicable); 
  • effective from dates;
  • effective to date (if applicable);
  • Installation Validity Period end date (if applicable);
  • Maintenance  Validity Period end date (if applicable);
  • Last Changes implemented; and
  • Date the last change were made.

The 'Other SEC documents' worksheet provides details of other SEC required documentation. These documents are not subject to the Section D Modification Process, but is subject to prescribed governance processes as set out in the SEC.

Within the 'Other SEC documents' worksheet the following specific pieces of information are provided:

  • Source of requirement for the SEC document; 
  • Name of the SEC document;
  • Who is responsible for establishing and maintaining it;
  • Who is the approve of the document (if different from who created it);
  • current version; and
  • information on where to find it, if publicly available or if it is restricted to certain persons (e.g. the SEC Panel or one of its Sub-Committees).

The SEC Statement of live documents is available to download is available to download from the Related Documentation list on this webpage.

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