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SEC Charging Methodology

The Charges payable to the SEC by the other Parties from time to time are those Charges set out in the Charging Statement at that time.

The Charging Methodology in the SEC provides for Fixed Charges, Explicit Charges and Elective Charges.

During transition the variations to apply pursuant to Section X are:

  1. in respect of the Fixed Charges payable for each of the months up to and including November 2013 (or such later month as the Secretary of State may direct), the DCC shall calculate the Fixed Charges as if there were no Export Suppliers and as if all Export Suppliers were Import Suppliers (and the DCC shall not therefore require data in respect of such months pursuant to Section E2.1 that distinguishes between Import MPANs and Export MPANs); and

  2. insofar as the Registration Data provided to the DCC under Section E2.2 is by reference to ‘Supply Points’ (as defined in the UNC), rather than MPRNs, the DCC may calculate the number of Mandated Smart Metering Systems (as defined in Section K11.1) by reference to the number of such Supply Points.

To view the SEC Section K: Charging Methodology, please click here

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