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Organisations that are required by licence to become a party to the SEC (the DCC, energy suppliers and network operators), or organisations that wish to use the DCC’s services, must accede to the SEC and become a SEC Party.

Once an organisation is a Party to the SEC they are required to comply with its provisions.

A full list of SEC Parties is available to download on the right hand side. This will be updated following the accession of a New Party.

Pursuant to SEC Section M6.2, each Party is required to ensure that its Party Details remain up-to-date. This will be particularly important for when you commence the DCC User Entry process, as the DCC conduct checks these details as part of those procedures, for example, the SMKI Registration Authority Policies and Procedures (SMKI RAPP).

If you expecting or have recently had a change in party details, please complete the ‘Change in Party Details’ form as found on the right side and send it to SECAS Helpdesk.