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The Smart Energy Code (SEC) is a multiparty contract.

It is mandatory for energy suppliers and network operators to become a party to the SEC in order to fulfil their licence conditions. 

Other bodies who wish to use the DCC's services must accede to the SEC to do so.

The SEC accession process is based on the following simple 3 stage process:


 To become a SEC Party you are required to complete a SEC Accession Form. Upon receipt of a duly completed application form along with the application fee, the Applicant will be required to sign and return an Accession Agreement for countersigning by the SECCo Board. 

In order to begin the accession process please read the guidance document available. Once completed please return the Application Form to:

8 Fenchurch Place

In accordance with the ID Allocation Procedure (located on the right hand side of this page), following an Applicant acceding to the SEC, you shall be allocated an EUI-64 Compliant Identifier range and Party Signifier. For further information, please refer to the ID Allocation Procedure, or alternatively, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.