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The User Entry Process is the process each SEC Party must complete before they can become a DCC User and make use of the DCC Services described in SEC Section H ‘DCC Services’.

The User Entry Process Guidance is available to all SEC Parties and can be found on the right hand side of this page. The guidance lists and describes the various requirements SEC Parties will need to meet in order to complete the process and become DCC Users.

In addition, SECAS have produced a User Entry Process Evidence Form for SEC Parties to fill in and submit to SECAS. SECAS will then submit an information paper to the SEC Panel, informing them (as well as the DCC and the SEC Party) that said Party has successfully completed the User Entry Process for a particular User Role (or User Roles) (and in accordance with SEC Section H1.12).

A SEC Party Contact Form has also been provided for SEC Parties to complete (if they wish to update their SEC Party Contact details, including a User Entry Process Main Contact).