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Release 2.0

Release 2.0 contains DCC and SEC Party System impacting changes. The content of the release will primarily be Secretary of State (SoS) (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)) executed changes, and is expected to take the form of:

  • changes to support Dual Band Communications Hubs, and
  • changes to the Technical Specifications and GB Companion Specification (referred to as the TSG2 changes).


In addition, Release 2.0 may be supplemented by internal DCC changes undertaken in accordance with the DCC Release Management Policy and approved Modification Proposals.

Release 2.0 also contains the approved SEC Modification Proposals:

  • SECMP0006 ‘Specifying the number of digits for device display’; and
  • SECMP0008 ‘Provision of DCC Alerts for Quarantined Service Requests’.


Release 2.0 Testing Documentation status tracker

In order to successfully test the content of Release 2.0 to ensure the changes and new functionality operate as expected, while ensuring that existing functionality and devices continue to operate release testing is required. A number of Testing Approach Documents for Release 2.0 have/are being produced which will set out how this testing will be undertaken. A tracker spreadsheet is provided below, and gives an overview of the current status of each testing document.


The below Release 2.0 Testing Approach Documents have been approved by the Secretary of State.

Document NameDate Approved
Release 2 System Integration Test Approach Document22 February 2018
Release 2 Device Integration Testing Approach Document v1.25 June 2018
Release 2 User Integration Testing Approach Document v1.25 June 2018
System Capacity Testing Approach Document v1.03 July 2019


Testing Related Appeals During Transition

This document explains the circumstances in which the Secretary of State (or such other persons as the Secretary of State directs) will consider appeals and referrals from SEC Parties and others relating to certain testing matters during transition.