SEC Newsletter July 2018

Hello all,

This month I’d like to highlight one way we are working on improving communications with you.

We want to ensure that the information you need on the SEC is easy to find and understand, and any changes and improvements we make are based on your recommendations and feedback. Part of these improvements was re-development of the SEC website in December 2017.

To continue with our goal of improved communications, we are now seeking feedback on the updated SEC website. We would greatly appreciate if you could fill out a short survey about the new website. We will use the feedback to improve your experience with it and enhance communications across SECAS.

The survey will only take around 5 minutes, and thank you in advance for your feedback.

There are two other key items we’d like to draw your attention to this month.

The first is the National Cyber Security Centre and its Cyber Information Sharing Platform. These provide crucial advice and updates on the the latest threats to cyber security, and guidance on how to collect, analyse, evaluate and appropriately share cyber threat information in real time.

The Security Sub Committee recommends that all SEC Parties sign-up to become members. More information about this can be found on the SEC website. Please contact SECAS for sponsorship if you would like to become a member.

Secondly, a Dual Band Communication Hub Standing List of Experts has been established following the introduction of the Dual Band Communications Hub (DBCH) Configuration Tables into the SEC. SECAS is seeking experts who would be willing to be called upon at short notice for any future Modification Proposals that may affect these tables.

Applications to join this group close on 3rd August 2018, and more information is available on the SEC Website.


Best regards,

Courtney O’Connor

Delivery Manager – Party Support and Regulatory Governance


SEC Governance Update

SEC Panel

The SEC Panel met on 13th July 2018. The key topics and decisions discussed can be found in the headlines here and included:

  • An update on the Privacy Controls Framework following a Privacy Provisions Forum that was held by SECAS and the User Independent Privacy Auditor;
  • An overview of the Operations Group and the Testing Advisory Group discussions on when the DCC Release 2.0 Incentives scheme Milestones 1A and 1B had been met. The Panel determined that the milestones had been met on 19th June 2018;
  • A set of principles for enduring responsibilities of the Panel in overseeing the implementation of SEC Release and agreed that it should oversee the end to end life cycle of a release from formulation to post deployment.

The next Panel meeting will be on 10th August 2018


Operations (Ops) Group

The Ops Group met on 24th July 2018. Draft minutes of the meeting are available. The meeting highlights included:

  • Further activities for the Ops Group in advance of the DCC Release 2.0 go live on 30th September 2018;
  • DCC proposals for Self-Service Interface improvements, including the next three ‘sprints’ the DCC wish to implement;
  • DCC latest Temporary Maintenance Schedule proposals;
  • DCC proposals for managing Incidents in which it is believed the issue is meter related.

The next Ops Group meeting will be on the 28th August 2018.


Security Sub-Committee (SSC)

The SSC met on the 11th and 25th July 2018. Here are the headlines for the 11th and 25th.

The main issue discussed was Users’ lack of compliance with G5.27 and G5.28These obligations refer to Users notifying the SSC when they first begin to employ a Shared Resource as part of their User System. SECAS are going to provide further clarification to SEC Parties shortly.

The next SSC meeting is scheduled for the 8th August 2018.


Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority

The SMKI PMA met on the 17th July 2018. The headlines can be found here and the main topics were:

  • Use of SMKI for SMETS1. SMKI PMA have been liaising with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to gain advice on the matter;
  • Review and confirmation that the current identification methodology used within the SMKI RAPP process when identifying Nominating Officers, Senior Responsible Officers and Authorised Responsible Officers is still appropriate.

The next meeting is on 21st August 2018.

Testing Advisory Group (TAG)

The TAG meeting took place on the 25th July 2018 where the following items were discussed:

  • Testing progress update on the SMETS1 (enrolment and adoption) Service Release. Along with information around the progress with the DCC Initial Operating Capability (IOC) Device Selection activities;
  • Testing progress with Release 2.0, including details on the approach for sharing information on Release 2.0 System Integration Testing (SIT) Completion, with TAG Members to enable a discussion and recommendation to the SEC Panel to be formed at an additional TAG meeting on 1st August 2018;
  • An update on the planning and considerations of the approach to the testing of the June 2019 Release;

Once minutes from the July TAG meeting are finalised they will be available here. The next TAG meeting will take place 1st August 2018 to discuss Release 2.0 SIT Completion to inform a recommendation to the SEC Panel. The next regular on 3rd September 2018.


Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC)

The July TABASC meeting took place on 19th July 2018. Meeting notes are available here and the following were discussed:

  • An update on the Release 2.0 changes to the Business Architecture Document (BAD) and supporting Business Architecture Model (BAM);
  • High-level plans for updating the BAM and Technical Architecture Documents (TAD) to capture the changes that the SMETS1 (enrolment and adoption) Service Release will introduce;
  • A proposed approach for facilitating industry discussions on Technical Specification matters once the transitional Issue Resolution Process (IRP) ceases to run in mid-2019;
  • An update on the DCC Change Management system in order to improve DCC Change Request (CR) visibility to TABASC Members.

The next TABASC meeting will take place on 16th August 2018.


Modification and Change update

New SEC designation – 18th July 2018

SEC version 5.20 was designated on the 18th July 2018. This amended a number of SEC Sections in preparation for the introduction of SMETS1 Services in the DCC. Full details on the changes, including tracked change versions of the documents, can be found here.

Download the current SEC from the SEC and Guidance Documents page of our website.

New SEC Modification Proposals

There have been two new modifications raised since the June 2018 Panel meeting:

SECMP0056 ‘IHD / PPMID Zigbee Attributes Available on the HAN’

SECMP0057 ‘Users to notify SSC of a second or subsequent User System’

If you would like to join the Working Groups for these modifications, please email to acknowledge your interest.


Modifications Reports at the June Panel Meeting

Six Draft Modification Reports (DMRs) were presented to the Panel at its July 2018 meeting:

SECMP0018 ‘Standard Electricity Distributor Configuration Settings’

SECMP0025 ‘Electricity Network Party Access to Load Switching Information’

SECMP0029 ‘Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Testing Amendments’

SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’

SECMP0050 ‘Section D Review: Moving the Working Group Terms of Reference to a separate document’

SECMP0051 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Fast Track Modification process’

The Panel determined that these modifications should all be submitted to Modification Report Consultation (MRC).


Open Consultations

The following consultations are open:

SECMP0018 ‘Standard Electricity Distributor Configuration Settings’

SECMP0025 ‘Electricity Network Party Access to Load Switching Information’

SECMP0029 ‘Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Testing Amendments’

SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’

SECMP0050 ‘Section D Review: Moving the Working Group Terms of Reference to a separate document’

SECMP0051 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Fast Track Modification process’

Responses for all of these invited by Monday 6th August.

If you wish to respond to any of these, please send your responses to


Change Board Vote

At its meeting on 25th July 2018, the SEC Change Board approved the following Modification Proposals under Self-Governance:

SECMP0019 ‘ALCS Description Labels’

SECMP0044 ‘User Security Assessment of a Shared Resource’

SECMP0048’Extension of SMETS gas Valve exemption to include Large Gas Meters installed at Domestic Premises’.


These are now subject to a 10 Working Day period in which Parties may refer these decisions to the SEC Panel if they disagree with the Change Board’s determinations. This period ends at 5pm on Wednesday 8th August 2018. If no referrals are received, the Change Board’s decisions will be final and SECMP0019 and SECMP0048 will be implemented on 1st November 2018, and SECMP0044 will be implemented on 22nd August 2018.


Modifications Register

Our Modifications Register contains the details for all SEC Modification Proposals, including a summary of the latest progress and a view of the impacts each proposal will have. You can download this from the top of the Modifications page of the SEC Website.


Modifications Question Hour

The next Modifications Question Hour will be held at 11am on Monday 6th August 2018. Further information, including the relevant teleconference details, can be found here.


Consultations and Publications

BEIS Consultation on SEC Variation Testing Approach Document for SMETS1

This consultation relates to a new designation of Testing Approach documentation to support the enrolment of SMETS1 Devices into DCC. This consultation closes on 17th August and the consultation and annexes are on the SEC website.


Ofgem Consultation- Half Hourly consumption data for settlement

This is a consultation on current rules requiring consumers to consent to allow suppliers to access half hourly consumption data. Government believes that retaining the requirement for consent will limit the effectiveness of half hourly settlement. The consultation is open until 3rd September 2018.

Ofgem Consultation on governance changes to Switching Programme

Ofgem also issued a consultation on changes in governance of the Switching Programme. This includes  setting up a  Central Switching service, procured by DCC, and switching arrangements will be covered by a new Retail Energy Code.  The SEC Panel submitted a response on 27th July via SECAS.

Smart Energy GB – Mid-year review

Smart Energy GB produced its mid-year review, reporting against its Performance Measurement Framework, at the start of July.  In terms of its performance metrics, most were just met (allowing for statistical variation).  This included:

  • A little under half of the population without a smart meter said they would seek or accept a smart meter in the next six months.
  • Those currently on prepayment meters are more likely to do so, those aged over 65 much less likely (only slightly under a third). This is the one area where Smart Energy GB significantly failed to meet targets.
  • Just under half also recall seeing or hearing media coverage which made them more disposed to having a smart meter.
  • Of people with a smart meter, two thirds agreed with both statements that they regularly check consumption and that they feel more in control of energy use.

The review also looked at specific topics activity

  • The “save your Energy for…”  television advertisements
  • Securing positive coverage with partnerships with newspapers
  • Identifying reasons behind negative publicity – complaints from suppliers about the cost was by far the biggest.

SEC Parties and Accessions

One Applicant acceded as a Party to the SEC in June 2018. The table below shows the current status of SEC Parties for each SEC Party Category. SEC Party Details can be accessed on the SEC Website.

 Current SEC Parties 310
     (Electricity Networks) 26
     (Gas Networks) 20
     (Large Suppliers) 24
     (Small Suppliers) 148
     (Other SEC Parties) 92
 Accession of new Parties to the SEC since last Newsletter 1
 Parties withdrawing from the SEC 0
 Expulsion of Parties from the SEC 0
 Changes to SEC Panel Member employment status 0

A list of SEC Parties can be accessed below the documents section of this page.


Upcoming SEC Calendar Dates

The dates for the regular meetings of the SEC Panel and SEC Sub-Committees are below. More information on these meetings is available via the Meeting Calendar on the SECAS WebsiteModification Proposal Working Group meetings, which are scheduled on an ‘as needs’ basis, are also found on the SEC Meeting Calendar.

 Date Meetings and Events
1st August 2018 TAG Meeting 53
8th August 2018 SSC Meeting 60
10th August 2018 SEC Panel meeting 59
16th August 2018 TABASC Meeting 33
21st August 2018 SMKI PMA Meeting 49