SEC Newsletter August 2018

Hi, and welcome to the August SEC newsletter. We have some significant changes to the SEC Modification Process to tell you about this month as well as the usual content, including the regular Change update.

In August, the Change Board recommended to the Authority that SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ should be approved. This Modification will deliver the biggest set of changes that arose from our Section D Review at the start of the year by introducing a ‘pre-modification process’ into the SEC. More detail can be found in the article below.

Over the next few weeks we will be providing further guidance and information via our communication channels on the new process and how this will impact and benefit you. Alongside this we will be implementing changes to our webpages for modifications and introducing a refresh of our modification documents, as we prepare for the start of an improved Modification Process at the beginning of November. However, if you have any questions on any of this, please do not hesitate to contact the team at


David Kemp

Change Delivery Manager, SECAS


Changes to the SEC Modification Process

As highlighted above, the Change Board has recommended to the Authority that SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ should be approved. This modification will deliver the biggest set of changes that arose from our Section D Review at the start of the year, introducing a new ‘Development Stage’ at the beginning of the Modification Process overseen by a ‘Change Sub-Committee’ (which is intended to be an additional role for the Change Board).

This group will be here to help you, as a Proposer, shape and define the scope of your change before it progresses into the process. This may vary from providing comments to help clarify your proposal to issuing an industry Request for Information or convening a Workshop to help develop the proposal further. In some cases, a solution that doesn’t even require a modification may be identified. You, as Proposer, can also request this group help shape your proposal, for example if you are not sure of the best way resolve an issue you have identified and want input from other Parties before proceeding. This stage will also help you to understand the wider industry’s views on your proposal up-front, helping you to determine the best way to proceed.

You’re likely now thinking “but won’t this just make the process longer?” It may sound like this would happen, but it is often the case that the more work that is done up-front, the smoother the subsequent progression. Some changes may not subsequently require the Refinement Process. For those modifications that would (likely only DCC-impacting or more significant governance changes), the Working Group can get straight into developing and assessing solutions, knowing clearly what the modification is aiming to do. Equally, issues that don’t need a modification to resolve or which have little industry support can be identified and closed early, allowing time and effort to be focused elsewhere. All this will lead to a quicker and smoother process overall.

Subject to Authority approval, SECMP0049 will be implemented on 1st November 2018. The Change Board also approved SECMP0050 ‘Section D Review: Moving the Working Group Terms of Reference to a separate document’ and SECMP0051 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Fast Track Modification process’ this month under Self-Governance; these modifications, along with SECMP0034 ‘Changes to the SEC Section D for DCC analysis provisions’, will also be implemented on 1st November 2018, marking the start of an improved SEC Modification Process.

We will be providing further guidance and information over the next few weeks on the new process and how this will impact and benefit you, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team at


Introduction to the SEC 19th September 2018

We will be holding another of our twice yearly Introduction to the SEC seminars on 19th September 2018 10am – 2 pm, at Gemserv’s offices. This gives an overview of what the Smart Energy Code is and what Suppliers, Networks and others need to know. As an Introduction it is designed for those new to the industry or new to smart energy and smart metering. Please pass this on to colleagues you feel may benefit from the session, although places will be limited to two per SEC Party. Places can be booked using this link –  More details will be on the SEC website soon.


Also in this edition:

SEC governance including SEC Panel, TAG and TABASC, Security, Operations Group

Change update including Modification reports, Modification consultations, withdrawn Modifications, Change Board, Designations, Modifications Question Hour

Information including external consultations, Accessions, SEC dates, planned changes to newsletter.


SEC governance

SEC Panel Election Result

Four places were due for election this summer (half the Panel is elected each year for a two year period to provide consistency). Following the SEC Panel Member Elections this August 2018, congratulations to the following candidates who have been selected by their Party Categories as SEC Panel Members:

Category Name
Large Suppliers Simon Trivella
Small Suppliers Mike Gibson
Electricity Networks David Lane
Other SEC Parties Mike Woodhall


Thank you to all outgoing SEC Panel members for your commitment and contributions to the Panel during your term. Thank you also to those that were nominated, ensuring that the election process was robust.


SEC Panel

The SEC Panel held its latest meeting on 10th August 2018. The key topics and decisions discussed can be found in the Meeting Headlines here. Key items discussed included:

  • The DCC’s decision to appeal the Panel’s determination at it’s July 13th meeting that Incentive Scheme milestone 1B had been met on 19th June 2018. More information is in the item below on the Appeal including the BEIS decision;
  • An updated version of the Release 2.0 Live Service Criteria, and additional feedback from the TAG and Operations Group. A final version will be provided to the Panel in September 2018, and the Panel will make a recommendation to help inform the Secretary of State’s decision on whether R2.0 should go live.

The next Panel meeting will be held on 14th September 2018.


DCC Appeal of Panel determination of R2.0 milestone for Project Activity 1B

At its meeting on 13th July 2018, the SEC Panel determined that Milestone 1B from the Baseline Margin Project Performance Adjust Scheme (BMPPAS) for the Release 2.0 Project was completed on 19th June 2018 and not 21st May 2018 (the Milestone Date as set out in the BMPPAS). The Panel’s determination was informed by input from the Testing Advisory Group (TAG) and Operations Group.  On the 27th July 2018, the DCC wrote to BEIS to appeal this decision. BEIS responded to the appeal on 29th August 2018 and determined that Milestone 1B of the R2.0 BMPPA Scheme was completed on 19th June 2018.

The following documents set out the DCC appeal and the response from BEIS:

Release 2.0 Implementation Milestone 1B – DCC Appeal Letter

Release 2.0 Implementation Milestone 1B – Appeal Response.


Testing Advisory Group (TAG)

The TAG meeting took place on 1st August 2018 where the Release 2.0 System Integration Testing (SIT) Completion was discussed and after reviewing the exit criteria, the TAG determined that Release 2.0 SIT had not yet been achieved, as discussed at Panel.

The next TAG meeting will take place 6th September 2018.


Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC)

The TABASC meeting took place on 16th August 2018; the meeting notes are available here and the meeting discussed:

  • An agreed way forward for incorporating SECMP0006 “Specifying the number of digits for device display” and SECMP0048 “Extension of SMETS gas Valve exemption to include Large Gas Meters installed at Domestic Premises” into SMETS2, subject to DCC confirmation of timescales to accommodate a new version of SMETS2 as well as input from an industry consultation;
  • TABASC’s involvement in the development and assessment of Modification Proposals, including providing input to any relevant modifications that may have impact on the Technical and/or Business Architecture while the Working Groups are developing the solutions during the Refinement Process;
  • ELEXON presentation on the Target Operating Models for introducing market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement as part of Ofgem’s Significant Code Review; and
  • Managing future procurement of 2G/3G mobile coverage, including the development of an associated risk to be added to the TABASC Risk Register.

The next meeting will take place on 20th September 2018.


Security Sub-Committee

The SSC met on the 8th and 22nd August 2018 and here are the headlines for the 8th and 22nd. The SSC approved the SMETS1 Security Architecture Document V1.1, more information can be found on our website here.

Useful information for Parties:

  • DCC Users who have had their first-year assessment, must have booked their second-year assessment within 12 months of receiving their assurance status from the SSC. The assessment itself must then be completed 12 weeks after this date. You can book your assessments here.
  • Version 1.13 of the Security Controls Framework (SCF) was published in August 2018. However, with the implementation of SECMP0044 – User Security Assessment of a Shared Resource, SCF V1.14 is being drafted and will be released in September.
  • SEC Parties who have access to Egress should review the Users who have access within their organisation to align with staff turnover.



The SMKI PMA met on the 21st August 2018 and the headlines can be found here.


Operations Group (Ops Group)

The Ops Group met on 28th August 2018. Meeting headlines are available here. The meeting highlights included:

  • The issues faced in the Communication Service Provider North region;
  • Members views on DCC proposals for Self-Service Interface improvements, including the next 3 ‘sprints’ the DCC wish to implement;
  • DCC latest temporary Maintenance schedule proposals and
  • DCC Traffic management.

Draft minutes of the meeting will be available from 4th September 2018. The next Ops Group meeting will be held on the 25th September 2018.


Change update

Modification Reports at the August Panel Meeting

Initial Modification Reports (IMRs) for two new modifications were presented to the Panel at its August 2018 meeting:

SECMP0057 ‘Users to notify SSC of a second or subsequent User System’

SECMP0058 ‘Changes to the governance of the Self-Service Interface’

The Panel determined that these modifications should both proceed to the Refinement Process. If you would like to join the Working Group for SECMP0058, please email to acknowledge your interest.


Two Draft Modification Reports (DMRs) were presented to the Panel at its August 2018 meeting:

SECMP0009 ‘Centralised Firmware Library’

SECMP0041 ‘Amending the Change Board decision making rules for Modification Proposals’

The Panel determined that these modifications should both be submitted to Modification Report Consultation (MRC).


The Panel noted that four modifications had received Impact Assessment responses which did not contain the full DCC implementation costs and agreed that these modifications should not proceed to a decision until the full DCC costs could be provided in the Modification Reports. The four modifications were:

SECMP0005 ‘Include Tariff and Register Labels in SMETS Devices’

SECMP0015 ‘GPF timestamp for reading instantaneous Gas values’

SECMP0018 ‘Standard Electricity Distributor Configuration Settings’

SECMP0025 ‘Electricity Network Party Access to Load Switching Information’.


Open Consultations

The following Modification Report consultations are open with responses due by Wednesday 5th September 2018:

SECMP0009 ‘Centralised Firmware Library’

SECMP0041 ‘Amending the Change Board decision making rules for Modification Proposals’

If you wish to respond to these, please send your responses to, by 5th September.


Withdrawn Modifications

One Modification has been withdrawn by their Proposer. SECMP0005 ‘Include Tariff and Register Labels in SMETS Devices’ has now entered its withdrawal referral window. Any SEC Party has until 17:00 on 6th September 2018 to notify SECAS if they wish to adopt this Modification Proposal by calling 020 7090 7755 or by emailing


Change Board Votes

At its meeting on 22nd August 2018, the Change Board approved the following Modification Proposals under Self-Governance:

SECMP0029 ‘Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Testing Amendments’

SECMP0050 ’Section D Review: Moving the Working Group Terms of Reference to a separate document’

SECMP0051 ’Section D Review: Amendments to the Fast Track Modification process’

There is now a 10 Working Day period in which Parties may refer these decisions to the SEC Panel if they disagree with the Change Board’s determinations. This period ends at 5pm on Thursday 6th September 2018. If no referrals are received, the Change Board’s decisions will be final, and the modifications will be implemented on Thursday 1st November 2018.


The Change Board voted on the following Authority Determined Modification Proposal and recommended that SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ alternative solution should be approved. We have issued the Final Modification Report (FMR) to BEIS for Authority Determination.


The Change Board voted to return the following Modification Reports to the Panel for further clarification on the full DCC implementation costs:

SECMP0018 ‘Standard Electricity Distributor Configuration Settings’

SECMP0025 ‘Electricity Network Party Access to Load Switching Information’.


Recent Designations of the SEC

One new designation of the SEC has been made this month, with version 5.21 being implemented on 22nd August 2018 to deliver SECMP0044 ’User Security Assessment of a Shared Resource’.

You can download the current version of the SEC from the SEC and Guidance Documents page of our website.


Modifications Register

Our Modifications Register contains the details for all SEC Modification Proposals, including a summary of the latest progress and a view of the impacts each proposal will have. You can download this from the top of the Modifications page of the SEC Website.


Modifications Question Hour

The next Modifications Question Hour will be held at 11am on Monday 10th September 2018. Further information, including the relevant teleconference details, can be found here.


Information and consultations

Reminder – today, 31st August 2018, is the deadline for the non domestic mandate to become DCC users. Ofgem will be contacting suppliers who do not comply.


Short deadline consultations

Here is a reminder of a consultation mentioned in the last edition which closes soon (3rd September 2018) – Consultation on access to half-hourly electricity data for settlement purposes. This consultation proposes changing current rules preventing access to half hourly data from domestic consumers smart meters so as to allow more accurate (and cost reflective) settlement  – ideally delivering cost savings to consumers. There are three options:

  • an opt in system where consumers have to consent to access to half hourly data;
  • an opt-out system where the default is half hourly settlement unless the consumer opts out; or
  • a mandatory system – suppliers must supply half hourly data – but only for settlement purposes.

The DCC consultation on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) testing closes very shortly (on 2nd September 2018) so this item is more for information.  The DCC is proposing that DCC Services will need to be temporarily suspended to accommodate BCDR testing in the live environment and outlines the proposed timescales for suspending services. See the consultation.


DCC consultations

The DCC issued a consultation on 24th August concerning the SMETS1 User Testing Services Approach Document (UTSAD) and SEC Subsidiary Documents, closing 21st September 2018. As part of the consultation pro0cess the DCC will hold a briefing on 11th September 2018, more details to follow from the DCC. The User Testing Services Approach Document (UTSAD) is part of a suite of documents which sit under the SEC Variation Testing Approach Document (SVTAD). The UTSAD sets out the rights and obligations of the DCC and users in the User Testing Services (UTS) Test Phase. The DCC believes that wherever it has been possible, the DCC has aligned the design of the SMETS1 Services with the existing SMETS2 services. The consultation also proposes a range of SMETS1 specific changes to be introduced to two SEC Subsidiary Documents (SSDs): The Common Test Scenarios Document (CTSD) and the Enduring Test Approach Document (ETAD). Here is the consultation – which closes on 21st September2018.


The DCC has published its conclusions and recommendation to Secretary of State on the changes to the proposed date for the commencement of Pending Product Combinations Tests Services and Device and User Testing Services for SMETS1. The DCC ran a consultation from 31 July to 15 August 2018 proposing that the date that the DCC should start providing both Device and User System Testing and the Pending Product Combinations Tests (PPCT) Services for SMETS1 should be changed from  31st August 2018 to 30th November 2018. This is linked to difficulties in meeting the Interim operating Capability for the adoption of SMETS1. The DCC proposed a starting date for Pending Product Combinations Tests Service and Device and User System Testing Services for SMETS1 on 30th November 2018. The Secretary of State approved the DCC recommendation and issued a Designation – which can be seen on the SECAS website.


SEC Parties and Accessions

The table below shows the current status of SEC Parties for each SEC Party Category. SEC Party Details can be accessed on the SEC Website.

 Current SEC Parties 308
     (Electricity Networks) 26
     (Gas Networks) 20
     (Large Suppliers) 24
     (Small Suppliers) 146
     (Other SEC Parties) 92
 Accession of new Parties to the SEC since last Newsletter 0
 Parties withdrawing from the SEC 1
 Expulsion of Parties from the SEC 1
 Changes to SEC Panel Member employment status 0


A list of SEC Parties can be accessed below the documents section of this page.


Upcoming SEC Calendar Dates

The dates for the regular meetings of the SEC Panel and SEC Sub-Committees are below. More information on these meetings is available via the Meeting Calendar on the SECAS Website. Modification Proposal Working Group meetings, which are scheduled on an ‘as needs’ basis, are also found on the SEC Meeting Calendar.

 Date Meetings and Events
6th September 2018 TAG Meeting 46
12th September 2018 SSC Meeting 62
14th September 2018 SEC Panel meeting 60
18th September 2018 SMKI PMA Meeting 50
20th September 2018 TABASC Meeting 34
25th September 2018 Operations Group Meeting 12
26th September 2018 TAG Meeting 47
26th September 2018 SSC Meeting 63


The dates for the next meetings of the Modification Working Groups can be found in the Calendar link provided above.


Newsletter Changes

We will be making changes to the SEC newsletter form next month. We will be making several changes. Next month’s newsletter will arrive earlier around 21st September (so that recent Panel discussions are more topical) and will have a new look. We will also try to have more current news and content and explanation. Important changes include:

  • Bringing the sending date forward to earlier in the month;
  • Shorter with more links for additional information;
  • Changes to layout including visuals;
  • Trying to be more forward-looking making readers aware of important developments to come.