SEC Newsletter 8 October 2020

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the SEC newsletter.

In this edition you will find out how you can attend our webinars, including ‘Introduction to the SEC – back to basics’ and ‘Operational Metrics: what gets measured gets managed’. Read on to learn about the newly appointed service providers for the Code Manager role of the Retail Energy Code (REC), Draft Proposals, Modcasts and more. We hope that you enjoy this newsletter.

You are invited to join our upcoming webinars

SEC Parties are invited to join our webinars to build your knowledge of the SEC and put your questions to our speakers. To register, please use Google Chrome or Firefox and click the links below:


Introduction to the SEC – back to basics on 14 October at 2:00pm. Are you new to your role or the world of Smart Metering? Has your Party recently acceded to the SEC? This webinar offers you the opportunity to get to grips with the basics, hearing from SECAS about how the REC will impact the SEC, how to engage with SECAS, the DCC and Smart Energy GB.


Operational Metrics: What gets measured gets managed on 20 October at 2:00pm. Hear from the SECAS Technical Operations team to learn how the performance of Services is measured and monitored, and how this helps to identify and resolve performance issues. Find out about some of the issues identified by the SEC Panel’s Operations Group Sub-Committee (OPSG), and the solutions being implemented to reduce the impact on Users.


SEC Parties can watch the videos of our previous short topic-focused webinars and access the presentation slides on our new Webinars page. Don’t forget, if you have any questions or suggested topics for future webinars, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


Your feedback matters

Thank you to those who have already shared their thoughts and feedback so far this year. You’ve provided valuable insight into what’s working well and where there’s room for further improvement. We were delighted to receive positive feedback both via a recent survey to our committee members and engagement calls. Some highlights include:

  • Remote working has ‘transitioned very effectively’, with all our meetings taking place online.
  • Our prompt responses, effective communication and concern for quality assurance was noted as ‘outstanding’.
  • The Change Team were praised for their knowledge and ability to clarify complex Modifications.
  • One respondent told us ‘It’s hard to think of negatives, I find the service that SECAS provides ‘excellent’’!
  • 100% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with meeting paper content and quality, with one respondent describing them as ‘the most comprehensive I’ve seen’.



You also provided valuable feedback on areas where we can improve. As a result, we are implementing actions to address this feedback and will share the outcomes in a future edition of the newsletter.

If you have any further suggestions for improvement, or any general feedback, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


Code Manager Appointment for the Retail Energy Code

The Retail Energy Code Company (RECCo) has appointed three service providers. The service providers will work collaboratively to undertake the Code Manager role, which starts live operations of the REC in under 12 months. The service providers are:

  • Gemserv Ltd for the REC Professional Services
  • Capgemini UK plc for the REC Technical Services
  • Deloitte LLP for the REC Performance Assurance

You can find out how the REC will impact the SEC by joining our Introduction to the SEC webinar on 14 October 2020. We will also keep you updated in the run up to the REC going live. If you have any questions please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


New Draft Proposals

There has been one Draft Proposal raised since the last Newsletter.



DP144 ‘Charging of Random Sample Privacy Assessments’




A Random Sample Privacy Assessment is an assessment carried out by an Independent Privacy Auditor (IPA) to identify the extent to which an Other User is compliant with each of its obligations. Any costs which are incurred in the completion of Random Sample Privacy Assessments are then socialised across all Users. This results in the industry as a whole paying for assessments that only Other Users undertake.

Draft Proposals going to the SEC Panel

Six Draft Proposals are due to be taken to the SEC Panel meeting on 16 October 2020. At this meeting, the following Draft Proposals will be considered for conversion to a Modification Proposal (MP), and existing Modification Proposals will be taken either for updates or for decision to progress to the Report Phase.



SECMP0015 ‘GPF timestamp for reading instantaneous Gas values


Instantaneous Gas Smart Metering Equipment (GSME) register values can be read from the Gas Proxy Function (GPF). These will not normally be in-line with the readings on the GSME, since the GSME only provides intermittent updates to the GPF, typically once every 30 minutes. The Supplier will not know how up to date the information is without a timestamp for when the GSME last updated the GPF.



SECMP0046 Allow DNOs to control Electric Vehicle chargers connected to Smart Meter infrastructure


This modification proposes changes to the SEC to enable electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to use Smart Meter infrastructure to modify Electric Vehicle charging load within a household. This is to avoid risks of overloading low voltage circuits from secondary substations to properties and subsequent power outages.





MP111 ‘SMDA Budget Amendments’


Following the National Audit Office’s (NAO) 23 November 2018 report “Rolling Out Smart Meters”, the Government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) commissioned an independent review into device interoperability on Change of Supplier (CoS). The report was published in October 2019, and one recommendation was for “Energy suppliers and the Smart Metering Device Assurance (SMDA) Board should review the SMDA funding model to ensure SMDA can provide long-term test assurance”. Following this recommendation, amendments have been suggested to the SMDA funding model.





DP141 ‘SRV Visibility for Devices on SSI’


Supplier Parties are currently unable to view Service Request Variants (SRVs) or Service Responses (SRs) from other Service Users that they receive on their Devices. This is due to an obligation in the SEC where only an individual User can view the SRVs and SRs they send or receive. This leads to Users receiving SRVs and Service Responses which lack visibility or information and may cause high priority or security implication issues.





DP142 ‘Clarifications to the MMC’


A housekeeping change is required to the legal text amended by MP 124 ‘Consequential changes to Data Communications Company User Interface Specification (DUIS) and Message Mapping Catalogue (MMC)’. A term was omitted which the DCC has advised must be included at the same time as when MP124 is implemented. The words to be added are “a hexadecimal representation of” within Section This requires correcting because otherwise the MMC will not align to what Users will expect and would otherwise create avoidable discrepancies.





DP143 ‘Incorporating IRPs into GBCS v3 series’


The scope of MP098 ‘Incorporation of multiple Issue Resolution Proposals into the SEC – Batch 3’ was to incorporate 20 non-DCC System impacting Issue Resolution Proposals (IRPs) into the SEC. SEC Parties would like the option to incorporate these 20 IRPs into the Great Britain Companion Specification (GBCS) v3 series as and when a material change necessitates an uplift to the next GBCS v3.x and SMETS v4.x.



You are invited to listen to our Modcasts to hear about the latest updates on SEC Change. You can listen to our latest Modcast here, where we talk through our new Draft Proposals, the outcomes from the Monthly Working Group meeting and the items going to the next Panel meeting. New Modcasts are released regularly on the Change Reporting webpage.


BEIS Publications

BEIS has published the following:


DCC Publications

The DCC has published the following:

  • CSPCS WAN Solution T3 antenna and alternative options – The Communication Service Provider (CSP) of Central and South (C&S) is tasked with providing Wide Area Network (WAN) coverage. This includes installing up to 100,000 T3 antennae. Consumers and Energy Suppliers are reluctant to agree to their installation which negatively impacts the ability of consumers to realise the benefits of smart meters. The DCC is consulting on the CSP C&S WAN solution and the consequences of the low uptake of T3 antenna. This consultation closes on 23 October 2020.


  • Conclusion on Regulatory Changes for SMETS1 Uplift 1.2 – On 6 August 2020, the DCC published a consultation on changes to several SEC Appendices related to SMETS1 Uplift 1.2. On 25 September 2020, the DCC concluded on this consultation and provided the document to BEIS.




Would you like to join the SECAS Team?

We are currently recruiting for the following positions to join the SECAS team:

  • Party Engagement Consultant – Do you have strong relationship management and written skills, the flexibility to manage changing and competing priorities, and a keen eye for detail? Please visit the recruitment page here for more information.


  • Technical Operation Consultant – Do you have the skills, knowledge and technical confidence to work with industry stakeholders, committees and chairs? If so, please find out more information here.


SECAS Helpdesk

Please contact the SECAS Helpdesk with any questions and a member of the team will be happy to help. Helpdesk hours are Monday-Friday 9-5pm (excluding bank holidays).



Date                  Meeting, Event or Deadline  
14 October  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 110 
14 October  Testing Advisory Group Meeting 71X 
16 October  SEC Panel Meeting 85 
20 October  Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 74 
21 October  Change Board Meeting 47 
26 October  Operations Group Meeting 37x 
27 October  Change Sub-Committee Meeting 20 
28 October  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 111 
28 October  Testing Advisory Group Meeting 72