SEC Newsletter 7 March 2019

Good afternoon,

It is that time again to send you an update on all things Smart Energy Code related! We hope that you enjoy this edition.

SEC Standards V2.2

The SEC Standards document has been updated to Version 2.2. The document serves as a repository of standards, best practices and procedures that are current or have been replaced, archived or under review and their transitional period as specified in the SEC.
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February 2019 SEC Release & SECMP0049 Implementation

On 28 February the February 2019 SEC Release was designated under SEC v6.7 to implement five Modification Proposals. Further information can be found here.


SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ SEC v6.8 came into effect on 4 March 2019 following the Authority’s decision to implement this change. Further information on SEC v6.8 can be found here.


Following implementation of SECMP0049, we are seeking members for the new Change Sub-Committee. If you would like to nominate an individual, please submit a completed nomination form  to Click here for further information.

The deadline for nominations is next Friday, 15 March 2019.

We are also publishing a series of articles on the new Development Stage introduced by SECMP0049. The first two parts can be found here and here, and the third part can be found below. Please refer to the second part for further details on how to raise a new proposal going forward, while the third part covers the role of the Change Sub-Committee.


If you have any questions, please contact our Change Management team at


The Development Stage: Enter the Change Sub-Committee

With SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ having been implemented on 4 March 2019, we continue our four-part series looking at the new Development Stage of the Modification Process that this change introduces.

In this third part, we look at the Change Sub-Committee. We explore the role they will play in helping develop the problem statement and the activities we will be undertaking to support this.

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Starting next week: Modcasts

Next week, we will be publishing the first of our new weekly Modcasts. These short video/audio updates will provide you with snapshots of key activities taking place regarding SEC modifications, and what you should keep an eye out for in the next week or so.

Our first Modcast will provide an update on the changes we are making to the process in response to the feedback we have received from you. This will accompany a paper we will be taking to the Panel on this work, which will be available this Friday from the SEC Panel Meeting 66 page of our website.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback on the new Modcasts, please contact our Change Management team at


Reminder: BEIS consultation: Smart Meter Implementation Programme

Change request CR-077 (changes to the Great Britain Companion Specification v 3.1) proposes to include BEIS Issue Resolution Proposals (IRP) IRP569 and IRP595 in GBCS to create a new GBCS v3.2. Changes to Schedule 11 – Technical Specification Applicability Tables are also proposed.

More information can be found here.

Please send your responses or any enquiries to by Wednesday 20 March 2019.


Consultation proposing to require the Data Communications Company (DCC) to provide an interoperable smart meter service for the Secure SMETS1 meter set

BEIS confirmed in October 2018, that the DCC should provide a SMETS1 service for approximately two thirds of the existing meter population. This consultation considers the business case for providing a SMETS1 service to the Secure meter set that represents the vast majority of the remaining third. The business case is based on a cost-benefit analysis, as well as consideration of security and technical feasibility of an enrolment service for this SMETS1 meter set.

Once there is sufficiently mature information from existing and prospective service providers, BEIS intends to consult on the remaining SMETS1 EDMI meter set. If you have any queries regarding this publication, please contact the BEIS Smart Metering Programme at

You can find more information here. The consultation closes on 2 April 2019.


Ofgem publishes guides to the Supply licences

The gas and electricity supply licences set out the conditions that all energy suppliers must adhere to in order to supply energy to domestic and non-domestic consumers. Ofgem have produced a series of guides to help suppliers and other stakeholders navigate and understand the energy supply licences and other obligations on energy suppliers.

The introductory guide gives some tips for using the licences, and some background information about the retail energy market and how it is regulated. Each of the other guides cover a different ‘theme’ of supply licence obligations. Each guide includes:

• the consumer outcomes we expect suppliers to deliver
• the main regulatory rules that apply to that theme
• useful documents to help you understand the rules.

You can find the different guides here.


Date Meeting event or  deadline
11 March SEC Modification Question Hour
13 March Security Sub-Committee Meeting 73
15 March SEC Panel Meeting 66
19 March Smart Meter Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 55
21 March Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 40