SEC Newsletter 7 February 2019

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our second newsletter of 2019!

There are more Parties to the Smart Energy Code than ever before, and the Party Support team are here to offer guidance and answer any questions that you may have. If you are new to the Code, we have a seminar just for you, on 7 March. We hope to see you there! You must book by 15 February and we expect places to run out quickly, so please email to reserve your place, or find more information here.


From changes to CPL submissions, and a reminder about your security obligations, there is every reason to read  this months newsletter edition. Enjoy!

Changes to CPL submissions

“SECMOD009 “Central Firmware Library” has received Authority approval and will be implemented on the 28 February 2019. The solution agreed will require some changes to the Central Product List (CPL) and submission process.

The changes will result in an additional table, which will be maintained alongside and in addition to the CPL, when Firmware updates are being made. This supplementary information will enable Suppliers to identify and contact manufacturers regarding Firmware updates. Further information on the Modification can be found here.

We will provide further information on the impacts and how to update the CPL in the next newsletter edition.


BEIS Consultation on the New and Replacement Obligation (NRO) Activation Date

On 22 January 2019, BEIS issued a consultation letter to Ofgem, the SEC Panel, SEC Parties and other interested parties seeking views on the proposal to activate the New and Replacement Obligation (NRO) on the 31 March 2019.

Summary of content

  • Energy supply licence conditions enable the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to specify a date from which energy supplier must take all reasonable steps to install a compliant smart meter where a meter is replaced or where a meter is installed for the first time (e.g. in new premises). This is referred to as the New and Replacement Obligation (NRO).
  • The Government is proposing to activate the NRO on 31 March 2019 and is seeking views on that proposal.
  • The NRO is subject to ‘all reasonable steps’, which will provide energy suppliers with a degree of operational flexibility in light of technical or practical reasons, in emergency circumstances, or where a consumer wants to retain a traditional metering service.

The consultation documents can be found here.

The deadline for responses is 19 February 2019.


How can I comply with SEC Section G3.17 – G3.20 prior to my User Security Assessment?

To satisfy the SEC security obligations G3.17 – G3.20, it is necessary to have contractual arrangements with your Meter Asset Provider (MAP) or Device manufacturer which clearly states a duty to notify each other as soon as reasonably practical of any material security vulnerability in, or likely cause of a material adverse effect on the security of any hardware, software or firmware which forms part of the Smart Metering System.

SECAS have produced a guidance document which explains how you can make sure you are compliant with G3.17 – G3.20. You can find it here.


SEC 6.4 and 6.5 Designation

SEC v6.4 came into effect on 21 January 2019, and v6.5 on 28 January 2019. v6.4 re-designated to incorporate both SMETS1-related changes and a number of consequential amendments relating to the removal of the DCC opt-out for non-domestic smart metering, further information can be found here. v6.5 implemented SECMP0068: Alt HAN Company third party rights to enable external financing arrangements, please click here for further information. 

You can download a zip folder containing SEC v6.5 here, or download the individual sections of the SEC.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the changes to the SEC further, please contact the SEC Change Team on 020 7090 7755 or email


The Development Stage: What is the problem you are trying to resolve?

With a decision on the introduction of the new Development Stage under SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ anticipated to be received from Ofgem very soon, we embark on a four-part series looking at this new part of the Modification Process, how it would work and how this would benefit you.

In this first part, we ask the question ‘what is the Development Stage?’, to look at how this would result in the development of a ‘problem statement’ and examine how having this will help with producing effective solutions. Click here to read the full article.


DCC Production Platform Performance Monitoring – Consultation Conclusions.

The DCC published on 22 January 2019 its conclusion on the consultation on production Platform Performance monitoring which closed on 14 December 2018. The conclusions are here and the original consultation here. There were only a few responses but broadly supportive of DCC plans.


DCC Consultation on TMAD Child Documents

The DCC has issued a consultation on the Migration Reporting Regime and the Migration Scaling Methodology that are child documents of the Transition and Migration Approach Document (TMAD). The consultation has several associated documents. You can see more here. The deadline for responses is 21 February 2019.


Ofgem Forward Work Programme 2019-21 Synopsis

Ofgem is currently consulting on its work for 2019-21 and would like your views by 15 February 2019. Ofgem have decided to consult on a two year forward work programme as it coincides with several key developments, including smart meter roll out and Brexit. For further information please click here, or for the full document click here.


BEIS consultation on DCC licence change regarding Enduring Change of Supplier

On 9 January 2019 BEIS issued a consultation on proposed changes to the DCC licence to require the DCC to develop and implement plans to support Enduring Change of Supplier arrangements. The consultation documents can be found here. The deadline is 21 February 2019.


BEIS consultation conclusion on consultation on SEC and licence conditions to allow SMETS1 service, and further consultation on CPL Requirements

On 21 January 2019 published its conclusion to the November consultation seeking stakeholder views on proposed changes to the Smart Energy Code (SEC) and energy supply licence conditions to enable the provision of a SMETS1 Service by the Data Communications Company (DCC), and to streamline the management of the Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) and Central Products List (CPL). BEIS has now published its conclusions and has laid the regulatory changes to the main body of the SEC and the energy supply licence conditions before Parliament.

BEIS re-designated an amended version of the Inventory Enrolment and Decommissioning Procedures document (IEDP) as Appendix AC to the SEC to incorporate both SMETS1-related changes and a number of consequential amendments. BEIS response letter additionally consults on a proposal to re-designate the CPL Requirements Document on 11 March 2019. The consultation conclusion and all linked documents can be found here.


BEIS Consultation on non-domestic consumers’ smart metering awareness

BEIS published a consultation on proposals to improve non-domestic consumers’ smart metering awareness and data access seeking consultation seeks stakeholders’ views on two non-domestic smart metering policy proposals:

  • proposed changes to licence conditions intended to raise microbusinesses’ awareness around the smart metering programme,
  • possible changes to licence conditions on access to non-domestic consumers’ energy consumption data.

This consultation can be found here and closes on 21 February 2019.


Date Meeting Event or Deadline
11 February Modifications Question Hour
13 February Security Sub-Committee Meeting 71
15 February SEC Panel Meeting 65
15 February Closing date for Ofgem Forward Work Programme 2019-21 consultation
19 February Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 54
19 February Closing date for New and Replacement Obligation consultation
20 February Change Board Meeting 27
21 February Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 39
21 February Closing date for BEIS consultation on DCC licence change regarding Enduring Change of Supplier
21 February Closing date for BEIS Consultation on non-domestic consumers’ smart metering awareness
25 February SECMP007 and SECMP0024 Working Group
26 February SECMP0037 and SECMP0038 and Security Sub-Committee Joint Working Group
27February Security Sub-Committee Meeting 72
27 February Technical Advisory Group Meeting 52