SEC Newsletter 7 December 2018

Welcome to the first December newsletter!

In the New Year, our SECAS newsletter will be issued on Thursdays rather than Fridays. Don’t worry though, we will still keep you informed about new developments, consultations and news on the first and third week of the month. We hope the day will fit into your busy diaries to read our updates!



Duty to notify and to be notified of material security vulnerabilities

At the SSC meeting on the 28 November 2018, the SSC noted that greater clarity was needed for users in relation to SEC Obligations G3.18 and G3.20.

Users are required to be compliant with these obligations as part of their User Security Assessments. As a result, Users often have to make commitments to these two obligations when submitting their Management Response and their Director’s Letter.

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Privacy Controls Framework Updates Version 2.2

Version 2.2 of the Privacy Controls Framework (PCF) was updated and approved by the SEC Panel and was implemented on 2 November 2018.

The amendments to the PCF (particularly Appendix A) have been made to make it clear to Parties how they can be compliant with the SEC even if they do not wish to utilise all of the functionality available to them as an Other User. Users are entitled to make use of as much or as little of the functionality available to them in the Other User role as they desire.


Security Controls Framework Updates V1.14

At the Security Sub-Committee (SSC) meeting on 14 November 2018, the SSC approved the new version on the Security Controls Framework (SCF).

Changes have been made to the SCF to incorporate:

The Security Controls Frameworks can be found here.

Parties can expect further updates in the coming month to incorporate new changes to the Security Self-Assessment questionnaire.



DCC – Consultation on customer engagement

The DCC has published a consultation seeking views on how customers view their engagement with the DCC and seeking views on specific engagement proposals. Deadline for comments is 31 January 2019. You can read more here.


BEIS – SMETS1 consultation

BEIS has issued a consultation on proposals for the Baseline Margin Project Performance Adjustment Scheme for SMETS1 Services. This outlines proposals for how DCC’s Baseline Margin for the SMETS1 Services project could be allocated. You can see the consultation here. The consultation closes 17:00 on 09 January 2019.


BEIS – Publications

BEIS published several documents relating to Smart Meter Customer Experience Study 2017 on 22 November 2018 including an Executive Summary, main report, and a separate Post-Installation Survey report.


At the same time the Government also published its  Smart Metering Implementation Programme – Review of the Data Access and Privacy Framework. The document sets out the general principles of the framework and the conclusions drawn from gathering views as part of the review.

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Ofgem – New Tests for Licencing Suppliers

On 21 November 2018, Ofgem announced proposals to introduce new tests on prospective energy suppliers looking to enter the market. Under the proposals, companies would have to demonstrate they have “adequate financial resources” and can meet customer service obligations before being awarded a licence to operate. These tests are aimed at driving up industry standards and enhancing consumer protections, after several smaller suppliers ceased trading over the past year.

Ofgem intends for the new tests to be in place before the end of spring 2019. Responses to the Ofgem consultation are due by 23 January 2019.


Ofgem – Supplier Licencing Review

Ofgem issued its Supplier Licencing Review as a consultation on 21 November 2018. Ofgem are reviewing their approach to licensing suppliers aiming to raise standards around financial resilience and customer service. Ofgem are proposing changes to the criteria in assessing applications, and in the application process, as well as increased oversight of existing participants. The closing date for responses is 23 February 2019.



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