SEC Newsletter 4 July 2019

Hello and a warm welcome to our latest SEC newsletter. We hope you have been enjoying the sunshine!

This edition includes information about several consultations and responses which may be of interest to SEC Parties plus a request for nominations for Security Sub-Committee membership.

With one week to go before the Annual SEC Engagement Day, we look forward to seeing many of you there. Details including the agenda are available here. We have had a great response; however, a few places are still available so if you’re interested in attending please email


Would you like to join the Security Sub-Committee?

The Security Sub-Committee (SSC) is a SEC Panel Sub-Committee which oversees, reviews and advises on SEC security arrangements. SSC members serve a term of 24 months and the current term for seven members ends in September. We are therefore calling for nominations to fill the following seats:

  • Four Large Suppliers;
  • One Small Supplier;
  • One Electricity Network; and
  • One Other SEC Party.

Please see the nomination form for further details. If you would like to take this opportunity to nominate yourself, or someone else, please complete and return the form to by 22 July 2019.


Code Administrator Code of Practice Engagement Event

The Code Administrator Code of Practice (CACoP) facilitates best practice and transparency in the code modification processes and helps to protect the interests of small market participants and consumers.

On 16 July 2019, CACoP is holding an Engagement Event – more details and how to book can be found here. The event will include:

  • CACoP Forward Plan;
  • How CACoP members engage; and
  • The Energy Codes Review.


SEC Designations

The following SEC Designations have been made:

  • SEC Version 6.14 – Following consideration of stakeholder responses to a consultation issued by the DCC in May, BEIS decided to re-designate SEC Appendix AL ‘SMETS1 Transition and Migration Approach Document’ (TMAD) on 21 June 2019 as Version 1.2. More information can be found here.
  • SEC Version 6.15 – This designation came into effect on 27 June 2019 to implement SECMP0058 ‘Changes to the governance of the Self-Service Interface’ as part of the June 2019 SEC Release. More information can be found here.


New Modcast on SECMP0053 ‘Amend target Response Times’

Our latest Modcast focuses solely on SECMP0053 ‘Amend target Response Times’ and is well worth a listen. It explains everything to do with this Modification Proposal – who it affects, the issue it’s trying to solve and the solution it offers. It is currently out for Refinement Consultation and we encourage you to respond to this consultation by 8 July 2019. Please click here to listen.


Code Administrator Code of Practice (CACoP) newsletter

The first CACoP newsletter has been published here. As well as promoting its Engagement Event, the newsletter includes a variety of articles on cross code issues including; Brexit, the Supplier of Last Resort process and CACoP workplan.


BEIS Consultations and responses

SEC Subsidiary document amendments and designation date supporting go live of initial DCC SMETS1 Service operating capability. The consultation will support the interoperability of SMETS1 devices when consumers change energy Supplier. The deadline for responses is 9 July 2019.


Establishing a mechanism for recouping smart meter communication licensee administration costs. The affected licences include standard conditions of electricity supply licences, gas shipper licences and transmission licences as well as a special condition of National Grid’s gas transportation licence and the DCC licence. The deadline for responses is 9 August 2019.


Earlier this year, BEIS consulted on the Smart Export Guarantee (to replace the Feed-in Tariff). BEIS has now published its response as Part A – the response and draft modifications to licence conditions and Part B – response on the initial proposals for licence changes.


BEIS Direction on GBCS and SMETS changes

BEIS have directed changes to SMETS v3.2 and GBCS v4.2 and corresponding changes to the Technical Specification Applicability Tables and you can find the letter here. These changes take effect today, 4 July 2019.


DCC consultations and publications


Ofgem Publications

Ofgem has the following open consultations:


Ofgem has published its decision for Suppliers to be obliged to gather half hourly data from customers meters, unless customers opt out, enabling Ofgem access to the data for settlement purposes. Microbusiness customers can no longer opt out.


SEC Party Questionnaire Results 2019

In May 2019, SECAS issued a questionnaire to all SEC Parties regarding their business needs and DCC Services utilisation. You can read the results here.


Date   Meeting, Event or Deadline  
8 July   Modification Question Hour 
8 July   Closing date for Refinement Consultation on SECMP0053 ‘Amend Target Response Times’ 
9 July   Closing date for DCC consultation on Changes to the Enduring Testing Approach Document 
9 July   Closing date for consultations on MP071 ‘Second-Comer Charging’; 

MP073 ‘Alteration of SMKI Repository information and documentation’ and  MP074 ‘Clarity on Obtaining SMKI Device Certificates 

10 July   Security Sub-Committee Meeting 81 
11 July   SEC Engagement Day 
11 July  Closing date for the DCC consultation on Enduring Test Approach Document 
12 July   SEC AGM and SEC Panel Meeting 70 
16 July   Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 59 
16 July   Code Administrator Code of Practice (CACoP) Engagement Event 
18 July   Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 44 
18 July   Deadline for Comments on the DCC document Release 2.0, lessons learned 
22 July   Closing date for Nominations to Security Sub-Committee 
23 July    Change Sub-Committee 05 
24 July    Security Sub-Committee Meeting 82 
24 July    Change Board Meeting 32 
16 July   Closing date for Ofgem Switching Programme and Retail Code Consolidation: Proposed changes to licences and industry codes 
31 July   Testing Advisory Group Meeting 57