SEC Newsletter – 4 April 2019


We hope you are well and enjoying the extra hour of evening daylight!

It was great to see those who attended the DCC event last Wednesday, at Fenchurch Place. Our team were on hand to answer questions about how we will support Parties through SMETS1 Enrolment and Adoption. If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing


We are currently recruiting for a Technical Operations Manager. If you’re looking for a role which allows you to further develop your client and stakeholder management skills, whilst developing detailed technical knowledge in the Smart Energy sector, please click here for more information.


New Change Sub-Committee

We need you – calling for members!

Want to have your say about Draft Proposals, and whether they should progress through the Modification process? The Change Sub-Committee has been recently established to provide members with an opportunity to influence the SEC Modification Process.

Several places for members have yet to be filled. You’re invited to consider the following positions:

  • One Large Supplier representative;
  • One Small Supplier representative; and
  • Two Network Party representatives.

Please email expressions of interest to For more information, please click here.


Undergoing a Security Assessment? Please read on…

Part of the Security and Privacy Assessment process requires SEC Parties/DCC Users to submit various documentation, via upload to a secure online portal called Egress, for review by the SECAS Security Experts.

To help ensure your documentation is reviewed by the Security Experts in good time, and in line with the Service Level Agreements, SECAS requests that any uploads to Egress are accompanied by an email to to notify SECAS. Failure to do so may result in delays to the assessment process.


If you have any questions, please email Thank you from the SECAS Security Team.


Coming soon: Industry review of the SMETS1 Services Release Architecture Documents (Business and Technical)

We will soon be issuing a new version of the Business Architecture Document (BAD) and Technical Architecture Document (TAD) for industry review. These documents are being updated which will ensure that they align with the SMETS1 Services Release content.

If you are interested in reviewing these documents, keep an eye on the Latest News page of the SEC website, where these documents will be uploaded along with forms for you to provide your feedback.


SEC Modcasts

We hope that you enjoyed our latest Modcast, which went live last Friday. It is still available to listen to, if you missed out. You can hear about latest news, what’s out for consultation, what happened at the last Change Board meeting, and our new monthly Working Group meeting – click here to listen.


Keep an eye on our website for our next episode. We will provide you with a snapshot of the key activities taking place regarding SEC modifications, and what you should look out for in the next week or so.


If you have any questions, comments or feedback on our new Modcasts, please email


New and Replacement Obligation (NRO) activation date now 30 June 2019

On 22 January 2019, BEIS published a consultation seeking stakeholder views on the proposal to activate the NRO on 31 March 2019.


Following consideration of the consultation responses, BEIS now consider this date would not give energy suppliers enough time to prepare. Is has therefore been decided that the NRO should be activated on 30 June 2019. The NRO is subject to ‘all reasonable steps’.


More information including the consultation response is available on the SEC website.


Conclusions by BEIS on the introduction of a new DCC licence condition relating to the Enduring Change of Supplier arrangements

BEIS have decided to make the changes originally proposed following responses received on the consultation issued by BEIS in January 2019. It concerned the introduction of a new DCC licence condition relating to the Enduring Change of Supplier arrangements. The changes are subject to the parliamentary processes which must be followed. BEIS intends to lay the changes before Parliament in May 2019.


The consultation response letter and associated documents can be found here. For more information, please contact


Ofgem Forward Work Programme 2019-21

Ofgem has published its Forward Work Programme for 2019-21, following consultation earlier in the year. Smart metering issues are largely included in two of the four priorities – “making retail markets work for all” and “enabling future markets and system arrangements”.


Publication of SMETS1 Migration: A Guide for DCC Users

Last week the DCC announced the publication of the ‘SMETS1 Migration: A Guide for DCC Users’ which provides a plain English guide to help DCC Users gain an understanding of SMETS1 smart meters and their migration to the DCC. The guide recognises that the SMETS1 migration also impacts Network Operators, Registered Supplier Agents and Other Users. Please click here to read the publication.


Date   Meeting, Event or Deadline  
8 April   Modification Question Hour  
10 April   Security Sub-Committee Meeting 75 
12 April   SEC Panel Meeting 67 
16 April   Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 56 
18 April   Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 41 
18 April   Closing date for Gemserv Consultation on Electric Vehicles  
24 April   Change Board Meeting 29 
24 April   Technical Advisory Group Meeting 54 
24 April   Security Sub-Committee Meeting 76