SEC Newsletter 21 February 2019

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We hope that you continue to enjoy our newsletter each first and third Thursday of the month. This edition includes the second part of our four-part series by the Change team ‘The Development Stage’, read on to find out more!

There has been a lot of interest in our seminar ‘Introduction to the Smart Energy Code’. We are now operating a reserved list, and therefore if you would like to be added to this please contact For those who are attending we look forward to seeing you on the 7 March! Further information can be found here.


Firmware Information Repository (FIR) – SEC Modification 9 Solution & the impacts on the CPL submission process

SECMOD009 “Centralised Firmware Library” has received Authority approval and will be implemented on the 28 February 2019. The solution agreed that an additional table will be maintained alongside, and in addition to, the Central Product List (CPL). Supplementary information will be recorded to enable Suppliers to identify and contact manufacturers regarding Firmware updates. Read more here.


Privacy Controls Framework Version 2.3 Published

On 15 February 2019 the SEC Panel approved the Privacy Controls Framework Version 2.3 for publication. Both the clean and tracked changed version can be found on the SEC website here.

Changes include:

  • I1.3 has been amended to ensure that the guidance is aligned with that of I1.2 – a privacy notification statement being provided to the Energy Consumer as part of the process of obtaining their consent (assessing consumption data); and
  • An addition to I1.5 has been made for non-domestic premises to clarify the verification of the link between the person from whom consent is being sought, and the relevant consumer premises.


The Development Stage: A journey begins with the first step – and the support of a critical friend (Part two)

With SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ now approved for implementation on 4 March 2019, we continue our four-part series looking at the new Development Stage of the Modification Process that this change introduces. Read part one here.
In this second part we talk about the steps needed to raise a new Draft Proposal, the information you as a Proposer would need to provide, and the support that we provide as a critical friend. Click here to read the full article.
Look out for our next newsletter to continue reading our four-part series!


SEC designation 6.6

Since BEIS consultation on 14 January 2019, stakeholder views have been considered on the designation of the Transition and Migration Approach Document (TMAD) into the SEC. The original consultation can be found here.
BEIS has now published its conclusions and decided to designate the TMAD as Appendix AL ‘SMETS1 Transition and Migration Approach Document’ to the SEC on 14 February 2019 as SEC v6.6.
The Government response and associated documents listed below can be found on our News webpage.
The redlined changes to the TMAD against the 14 January 2019 BEIS consultation can be downloaded here, or download a zip folder containing SEC v6.6 here. Alternatively, the individual sections of the SEC from the SEC and Guidance Documents page of our website.


November 2019 SEC Release Implementation Document published

The Panel has reviewed and provisionally agreed the scope of the November 2019 SEC Release, due to go live on 7 November 2019. To cover the targeted and approved Modification Proposals that impact on the DCC Systems, they also baselined the SEC Release Implementation Document for this release. You can download a copy of this here.
The Panel wishes to seek views from Parties on the scope of this release; its timing, and whether the impacts of this release would be manageable if implemented in November 2019. The Panel will then confirm its decisions on this release at its March meeting.
Click here for further details. If you wish to provide views or comments to the Panel on this, please email them to us at by Friday 1 March.


BEIS consultation: Smart Meter Implementation Programme Change Request CR-077, proposing changes to the Great Britain Companion Specification v 3.1

CR-077 proposes to include BEIS Issue Resolution Proposals (IRP) IRP569 and IRP595 in GBCS to create a new GBCS v3.2. There will also be changes to Schedule 11 – Technical Specification Applicability Tables are also proposed.
More information can be found here.
Please send your responses or any enquiries to by Wednesday 20 March 2019.


Date Meeting event or  deadline
25 February SECMP007 and SECMP 0024 Working Group
26 February SECMP0037, SECMP 0038 and Security Sub-Committee Joint Working Group
27 February Security Sub-Committee Meeting 72
27 February Technical Advisory Group Meeting 52
1 March Closing date for BEIS consultation on User Testing Service Approach Document  for SMETS1
5 March Operations Group Meeting 18
7 March Introduction to the SEC (fully booked)
11 March SEC Modification Question Hour
13 March Security Sub-Committee Meeting 73
15 March SEC Panel Meeting 66
19 March Smart Meter Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 55
21 March Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 40