SEC Newsletter 21 December 2018

Hello readers,

I just wanted to introduce myself as the new Head of SECAS.

I’ve been in role for the past three months, and it’s been a busy period recruiting new talent into the team, building up my knowledge of the area, and identifying changes to enhance the service we provide to our clients. It’s an evolving landscape and I’m keen to ensure that we are evolving with it and continually driving improvements.

Please do feel  free to share any thoughts and feedback you have on the services and support we provide, to feed into this process. We will use this newsletter as a means of communicating our service enhancements to you.

On that note, you will see an update below from David Kemp, our Change Delivery Manager, on some of the improvements being made in the Modifications space.

Enjoy the read, and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Abigail Hermon


Security Controls Framework (SCF) Version 1.15 Published

At the Security Sub-Committee meeting on the 12  December, the SCF Version 1.15 was approved for publication. The two major changes are:

  • Amendments to Part 1, Section 7 – guidance has been updated to give Users more information about when they should supply the SSC with a Notification of a Second or Subsequent User System; and
  • Amendments to Part 2, Appendix G – Security Self-Assessment questions have been updated as part of lessons learned from the outcome of Verification User Security Assessments.

The SCF can be accessed on our website here, but will require you to be logged in to access it.

Invitation to Tender

The Security Sub Committee (SSC) are inviting security vendors to tender for the provision of consultancy services for the ‘Mitigation of security risks arising from internet-connected devices. You can see more information and  download the Invitation to Tender on the SEC website.


Improvements to the Change process – our plan for 2019

In 2019, we will be embarking on a number of workstreams looking at improving the SEC change processes. These will build upon the work carried out under the Section D Review earlier this year, as well as incorporating wider feedback received from Parties since then. Key areas we will be looking at include how changes are raised, how Working Groups should operate, how subsidiary documents should work and implementing an enduring releases framework. This article provides more details on the areas we will be covering and our timelines for these.


Would you be interested in joining the Change Sub-Committee?

SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ proposes to introduce a new Development Stage into the SEC Modification Process, to help assess the issue identified by a proposal and ensure this is clear before proceeding to developing solutions. A major part of this change will be the introduction of a new Sub-Committee, called the Change Sub-Committee, who will play a key role during this new stage of the process. We are anticipating a decision on SECMP0049 in January – if it is approved, we will be seeking members to join the Change Sub-Committee. This article provides more information on the Change Sub-Committee and how you can get involved.


DCC updated guidance for Suppliers on Change of Supply.

The DCC has issued updated guidance on the Change of Supplier process within the DCC. You can read more and download the guidance from the SEC website.


Last chance – Ofgem Consultation on DCC Price control for last regulatory year

This consultation closes on 28 December 2018. The consultation seeks views on Ofgem’s conclusions of the DCC’s submission of its performance and the payments and incentives received as a monopoly provider. You can see the consultation here.


BEIS – SMETS1 consultation

BEIS has issued a consultation on proposals for the Baseline Margin Project Performance Adjustment Scheme for SMETS1 Services. This outlines proposals for how DCC’s Baseline Margin for the SMETS1 Services project could be allocated. You can see the consultation here. The consultation closes on 9 January 2019.



Date Meeting, Event or deadline
28 December Closing date for Ofgem consultation on DCC Price Control
8 January Operations Group Meeting 16
9 January Security Sub-Committee Meeting 69
9 January Closing date for BEIS consultation on Baseline Margin Project Performance  Adjustment Scheme for SMETS1 Services
11 January SEC Panel Meeting 64
15 January Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 53
17 January Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub Committee Meeting 38
23 January Security Sub-Committee Meeting 70
23 January Change Board Meeting 26
31 January Closing date for DCC consultation on improving customer engagement