SEC Newsletter 20 September 2019

Hello and welcome to this edition of the SEC newsletter.

SECAS has been working hard to make the SEC more accessible for you. CodeWorks will go live shortly so keep an eye out for an exciting latest news item on our website to let you know how you can get started! CodeWorks will allow you to search for content relevant to your Party type, save Sections of the Code as your favourites and easily search keywords. Not only that, but there is a longer term plan in place that you may be interested in. Subsequent releases will take place in November and early 2020 for CodeWorks to act as a collaboration tool for Modification Proposals and to move security self-assessments onto CodeWorks to increase efficiency.


If you know of any areas or processes that you feel would benefit from being included in the scope of this project please get in touch and email


Read on for another jam packed SEC Newsletter edition, enjoy.


Shining a Spotlight on the SEC 

Thank you to those who attended our Spotlight on the SEC event last Thursday and helped to make it a great success! Attendees learned how SECAS is digitising the SEC, that Smart Metering GB are encouraging the uptake of smart meters, and how the Retail Energy Code will impact the SEC.  

Missed the event? You can access the presentation slides hereWe will also share the video presentations with SEC Parties soon. 


Have you responded to the Effectiveness Review questionnaire yet? Your views matter!

We invite feedback from SEC Parties and DCC Users, about specific aspects of live operations and End-to-End processes. This includes processes managed and provided by the DCC which affect the User experience and Parties’ business operations.  

Please clichere for more information, including how to respond. The deadline for responses is 9 October 2019. 


Operations Group Election Update 

Thank you to those who participated in the Operations Group elections held in August 2019. Please click here to read about the successful candidates.  


Seats are still available for seven Large Supplier Party representatives and one Gas Network Party representative. If you would like to nominate yourself, or someone else, please contact at 


Contacts for User Security Assessments  

To help ensure that security notices reach the intended recipient efficiently, we are updating the list of SEC Party contacts to include SEC Party colleagues that contact SECAS regarding User Security Assessments. Lead contacts will still be included within the communications. 

Please provide the name, email address and contact number of your colleague(s) who are responsible for your User Security Assessments, by sending them to SSC@gemserv.comPlease note that the contact may be different to the Primary or Secondary contact that you provided on the SEC Party Contact Details form. 


Spotlight on Security  

There have been several recent changes to Security Assessment processes. We know you are busy, so we have created a summary of key points to be aware of.  

Please click here to see what you need to know, we hope you find this useful. Still have questions? Email and a member of our Security team will be happy to help. 



New Draft Proposals 

Three new Draft Proposals will be taken to the Change Sub-Committee on 24 September 2019. 

We welcome your feedback and input on any of our open Draft Proposals. Please email your comments to 


Proposed Scope of the 2020 SEC System Releases 

SECAS has published the draft Release Implementation Documents for the June 2020 and November 2020 SEC Releases. These cover the DCC System impacting modifications proposed for inclusion. Please send any comments to by 2 October 2019. 



Need a simple, effective way to understand draft proposals and what was discussed at this month’s Panel meeting? You can download our latest Modcast to listen to here. 


    BEIS Consultation on a Post 2020 Regulatory Framework 

    BEIS expect that all Suppliers will meet the 2020 deadline of offering all consumers a smart meter but recognises that not all consumers may have full smart functionality due to technical constraints. The Consultation also seeks views on consumer engagement after the deadline.   

    The deadline for responses to this consultation is 10am on 11 November 2019. 


    BEIS Consultation on Changes to the SEC and DCC Licence Conditions 

    The BEIS Consultation on changes to the SEC and DCC Licence Conditions largely looks at the intended changes to facilitate the continued enrolment of SMETS1 smart meters into the DCC network as well as some other smart metering-related changes. The deadline for responses to this consultation is 10am on 14 October 2019. 


    DCC Consultations  

    The following DCC Consultations are open:  


    Ofgem Publications  

    Ofgem has published the following documents:   


    Alt HAN Co Consultation on the Exempt Premises List  

    The Alternative Home Area Network Company has issued the draft AltHANCo Exempt Premises List Submission ConsultationThe deadline for responses is 1 October 2019. 


    Date   Meeting, Event or Deadline  
    24 September  Change Sub-Committee 07 
    25 September  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 86 
    25 September  Testing Advisory Group Meeting 59  
    1 October   Deadline for responses to Alt HAN Co Consultation on Exempt Premises List  
    1 October   Operations Group Meeting 25 
    2 October   Monthly Working Group Meeting – October  
    4 October   Deadline for responses to DCC Communication Hub Supporting Information Consultation  
    4 October   Deadline for responses to DCC SMETS 1 Final Operating Capability Device Model Combination Consultation 
    7 October   Modification Question Hour 
    9 October   Deadline for responses to the Effectiveness Review Survey  
    9 October  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 87 
    11 October  SEC Panel Meeting 73 
    15 October  Smart Meter Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 62