SEC Newsletter 2 November 2018

Hello and welcome to the first SEC newsletter after the return to GMT.


New Versions of the SEC

We released two new versions of the SEC this week, with a further version to be released next week:

SEC Version 6.0 came into effect on 28 October 2018 to implement the changes required for Release 2.0. BEIS’s direction can be found here, and details of this version of the SEC, including copies of the redlined changes, can be found here.

SEC Version 6.1 came into effect on 1 November 2018 to implement nine approved SEC Modification Proposals as part of the November 2018 SEC Release. Details of this version of the SEC can be found on the SEC website.

A further version will come into effect on 8 November 2018 to implement three further approved SEC Modification Proposals.


SECMP0041 Rejected by the Authority.

On 26 October 2018, the Authority decided to reject SECMP0041 ‘Amending the Change Board decision making rules for Modification Proposals’. The Authority Decision letter can be found here. SECMP0041 was raised to introduce a mechanism for SEC Parties to vote on the outcome of Modification Proposals. It also proposed to limit the decision-making activities of the Change Board and ensure it is only used where the industry cannot come to a majority decision. The Modification Proposal will now be closed.

Further information can be found on the SECMP0041 page of our website. Alternatively please contact Ali Beard on 0203 970 1105 or email us at


Information on the Modification Proposals included in the November 2018 SEC Release can be found in our SEC Modification Register, which you can download from here. If you have any questions about any of these changes, please contact our Change Management team at


Ofgem consultation on DCC Price Control for the Regulatory Year 2017/18

Ofgem published this consultation on 31 October and the deadline for responses is 28 December.

DCC submitted its price control information for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018, on 31 July 2018. On the same day it submitted proposals for adjustments to its Baseline Margin and External Contract Gain Share values. You can download the consultation here and there will be more analysis of this in future newsletters.


Smart Meter CAD (Consumer Access Device) Pairing

BEIS published guiding principles around pairing CAD (any device that allows the consumer to access data) to Smart Meters. There is more information on the SEC website, including the BEIS publication.


Reminder – deadline today

The DCC Consultation on the Transition and Migration Approach Document (TMAD) v0.2 for SMETS1 Services closes today.  The associated documents and further information can be found here,  including the Consultation Response Template for SEC Parties to fill out and return to, by today.


Coming soon: Spotlight on the SEC – 11 December. More information on the SEC website soon.


Expulsion from SEC – Gen4U Ltd has been expelled from the SEC following revocation of its licences by Ofgem. Octopus Energy Ltd has been appointed as Supplier of Last Resort.


Meet the SECAS team!

In this edition we’re including some information about some of the people who make up the SECAS team.


Hollie works as part of Committee Support and works closely with the SEC Panel and SEC Board and some SEC Panel Sub Committees, ensuring that meeting minutes are completed, and important information is communicated to the appropriate committees.

Marco is one of the first points of call to those who contact the SECAS Helpdesk (020 7090 7755) with queries from Parties particularly those wanting to Accede to the SEC or with User Entry Process to become DCC Users.

Nick works in the Security team and is involved in the Security and Privacy Assessment process. He also works closely with the Security Sub-Committee.

Huw works in the Technical Operations Team and supports the Technical Sub-Committee, involved in the CPL (Certified/Central Products List) process, and the Business Architecture Model.


The team is expanding see our recruitment page


8 November                       Modification Question Hour

6 November                      Testing Advisory Group meeting 48

9 November                      SEC Panel meeting 62

14 November                    Security Sub Committee meeting 66

15 November                    Technical Architecture and Business Architecture sub Committee

                                    meeting 36

20 November                    Smart meter Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority

                                     meeting 52

21 November                    Change Board meeting 24

27 November                    Operations Group meeting 14

28 November                    Security Sub Committee meeting 67