SEC Newsletter 2 May 2019


Welcome to the first newsletter of May. We hope that you all enjoyed the Easter break and are looking forward to another long weekend.

We are well into the new regulatory year here at SECAS and have already begun planning our Smart Energy Code Engagement Day on 11 July – a date for all your diaries. All SEC Parties are welcome to attend this opportunity to meet SEC Panel members, ask questions, and hear from industry experts about current developments. More information will be provided over the next month, so keep a look out!


Take a look at our End of Regulatory Year Report 2018 – 2019

With more SEC Parties than ever before, it has been a busy year for SECAS and the SEC Panel. The SEC Panel has published its End of Regulatory Year Report for the period 2018 to 2019, which covers the many activities that the SEC Panel and its sub-committees have undertaken throughout the year to support the Smart Metering Implementation Programme.

You can view the report here.


Reminder: please send us your comments regarding SMETS1 Services Release Business Architecture Document (BAD) & Technical Architecture Document (TAD)

Why are we seeking your comments and views? Both documents have been updated to include SMETS1 Services Release content. We really appreciate your views and request you send any comments to by 20 May.


Calling all SEC Parties, we want to hear from you! Survey – The Other User Role

We want to offer the best possible service to SEC Parties and are keen to better understand your primary business functions.

The SEC Parties membership includes a diverse range of organisations with a broad range of business needs and requirements.

We would also like to know if, and how, you intend to use DCC Services. Your responses will also help determine whether there is a need for further categorisation of the Other User Role, or a need to create an entirely new User Role.

Please take a minute or two to provide this information via a very short questionnaire available here. Thank you very much for your time and input.


SEC Modcasts

Our next Modcast will be released tomorrow morning. This week we will summarise discussions from our first monthly Working Group, tell you about the new Draft Proposals, and more. Please visit our website for details.

If you haven’t yet heard our SEC Modcasts, they are published every Friday morning and provide a snapshot of the key activities taking place regarding SEC modifications. Last week’s episode is still available to listen to here.

We want to ensure we are delivering updates that are relevant to you, so if you have any comments or feedback on our Modcasts, please email us at


New Draft Proposals – are these issues affecting you?

Since the last newsletter, three new Draft Proposals have been raised:


We seek your views on the issues raised in any open Draft Proposals, including whether, or how, they affect you. Please email your comments to


SEC versions 6.11 and 6.12 Designated – SECMP0043 and SECMP0070 Implemented

Following the Authority’s decision to approve Modifications:


The SEC Sections affected were:

  • Section A ‘Definitions and Interpretation’
  • Section H ‘DCC Services’
  • Section M ‘General’
  • Section Z ‘Alt HAN Arrangements’

You can download SEC v6.11 SEC v6.12 here, or download the individual sections of the SEC. The redlined changes to SEC v6.11 can be found here and SEC v6.12 here.


What is the Commercial Product Assurance Security Characteristics Modification Methodology?

The Security Sub-Committee (SSC) maintain the Security Characteristics (SCs) which are used so that product developers and purchasers can understand which security functions are being assessed by the test laboratories.

If you are a Device Manufacturer, test laboratory, Trade Body or SEC Party, you may propose an SC Modification Request. The SSC follows the broad principles and processes of the SEC Modification process, but non-SEC Parties will also be included in the review. Further information, including impact analysis can be found here.

The full methodology to achieve modifications to the SCs can be found here.


Security Controls Framework Version 1.16 Published

On the 24 April 2019, the SSC approved Version 1.16 of the Security Controls Framework (SCF) for publication. Further details can be found here.


Ofgem consultation on smart metering costs, the default tariff cap

Ofgem has published a consultation on the smart metering component of the costs in the default tariff cap. They are seeking views on how it will review and then set the Smart Metering Net Cost Component (SMNCC) in the third and fourth cap periods (from Autumn 2019 to Autumn 2020 – when the cap will end). The consultation is available on the Ofgem website and closes on 30 May.


BEIS consultation on Smart Export Guarantee

BEIS is consulting on proposals to modify the electricity supply licence conditions to introduce the Smart Export Guarantee. BEIS hopes that this will be an innovative and smart replacement for the Feed-in Tariff which has ended. You can access the consultation on the BEIS website. The consultation closes on 27 May.


Reminder – other consultations

The following consultations are closing shortly:

  • The DCC draft 5-year Business Development Plan. The consultation closes on 10 May.
  • Ofgem consultation on new Regulations and application process for licences. The consultation closes on 13 May.



Date   Meeting, Event or Deadline  
2 May   Deadline for Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Large Supplier Nominations  
6 May  Modifications Question Hour  
7 May   Operations Group Meeting 20 
8 May   Security Sub-Committee Meeting 77 
10 May   SEC Panel Meeting 68 
10 May   Closing date for DCC consultation on Draft Business Development Plan  
16 May  Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 42 
21 May  Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 57  
22 May  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 78 
22 May  Change Board Meeting 30 
28 May  Change Sub-Committee Meeting 3 
29 May  Testing Advisory Group Meeting 55 
 30 May Closing date for Ofgem consultation on reviewing smart metering costs in the default tariff cap 
11 July   SEC Engagement Day