SEC Newsletter 17 May 2021

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the SEC Newsletter.

Read this edition to find out when SEC Parties can join the Annual SEC Panel Q&A webinar, plus how you can be part of an exciting new opportunity to represent your Party in one of the new Retail Energy Code (REC) Committees. Read on to also learn about a new Modification Proposal, an Ofgem-Led Variation and how the implementation of the REC will alter current arrangements regarding changes to the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC).


Opportunity to join the SECAS Team

If you or your colleagues have a good understanding of the Great British (GB) Smart Metering arrangements and are considering the next step in your career, you may be interested in the following role:

  • Technical Operations SEC Consultant – Do you have a solid understanding of the technical architecture underpinning GB Smart Metering? Are you proactive in identifying client requirements and have excellent planning and organisational skills? To find out more about this role, please click here.


Engaging with Electricity Networks

Electricity Networks have been engaging with SECAS on a quarterly basis at the Smart Metering Steering Group (SMSG). SECAS presented an update of key topics, including how SECAS is increasing the transparency of its Panel and Sub-Committee papers for SEC Parties, and an overview about the various Modifications that impact the Party categories.

Energy Networks are encouraged to engage with SECAS to help your Party keep up-to-date about SEC-related developments. Please contact the SECAS Helpdesk to share any feedback or concerns.


SEC Parties are invited to the Annual SEC Panel Q&A Webinar

SEC Parties are invited to our main engagement event of the year, the Annual SEC Panel Q&A Webinar, taking place on 16 July 2021!

This is your opportunity to put your questions to the SEC Panel and Independent Chairs. You will be updated on the key activities over the past year and informed of the plans for the year ahead.

The event will be hosted via Livestorm, so please keep a look out for your email invitation soon. Please email your questions for the SEC Panel to the SECAS Helpdesk.


Represent your Party type in a REC Committee

Would you like to be involved in important industry developments in the Retail Energy Code (REC)?

You are invited to nominate yourself or a colleague for the following REC Committees, with appointments starting from 1 September 2021 (please click on each link for the inaugural iterations of the Terms of Reference for each Committee. These can be accessed once you have logged in to the SEC website):



This is a new and exciting opportunity for Suppliers, Network Operators, Meter Equipment Managers and/or Green Deal Members to become a Panel representative and speak on behalf of your industry members. Please complete the REC Committee nomination form here and send it to by 5pm on 28 May 2021.


Please see further information here. If you have any questions, please contact the Code Manager via


View the latest CACoP Newsletter

You can download the April 2021 edition of the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) Newsletter here. You can read about the latest news and developments across the Codes and updates on Cross-Code changes and projects. Further information on the CACoP is available on our CACoP webpage.


The Smart Meter Device Assurance Sub-Committee

The Smart Meter Device Assurance Sub-Committee (SMDASC) was established by the SEC Panel following the implementation of MP111 ‘SMDA Budget Amendments’.

The SMDASC was formed to bring the activities and functions of the SMDA Scheme under the SEC. The key objectives of the SMDA Sub-Committee, as defined by SEC Section F12.4, are:


  • to provide assurance that Smart Meters and other Devices which can together potentially form a Smart Metering System work together (that they are interoperable); and
  • to provide assurance that Smart Meters and other Devices which can together potentially form a Smart Metering System work with each other (that they are interchangeable).


A new page has been created on the SEC website here, and monthly updates on SMDA activities can be found via the SEC Panel meeting documentation in the Operations and Sub-Committee reports.


If you have any questions about the SMDA Sub-Committee, please contact the SMDA Scheme Operator.


Panel Information Policy Review: We want to hear from you

SECAS will be undertaking a full review of the Panel Information Policy which governs how to maintain, classify, handle, and store Party Data in accordance with SEC Sections M4.13 and M4.14.

The review will take place over the next month and will look to address the following Problem Statements agreed at the May 2021 SEC Panel meeting:






Problem Statement


1 Meeting paper distribution The Panel Information Policy is out of date as it does not reflect the use of Microsoft Teams as a mechanism to distribute meeting papers and minutes to the SEC Panel and Sub-Committees (excluding SSC and SMKI PMA).


2 Transparency Stakeholders perceive that key decisions, and rationale for those decisions, are not always visible due to the classification of papers.


3 Complexity The Panel Information Policy (v4.0) is overly lengthy and complex which could result in Parties not reading it in full and inaccurately categorising papers.


4 Consistency In the absence of a set of criteria to assess against, SECAS and the Sub-Committees are not always able to make a consistent judgement call on behalf of SEC Panel on how it wishes to classify and treat information.


5 Treatment of confidential material The “RED” information classification treats all SEC Party data and Security documentation equally in terms of storage, handling and distribution, which may not always be proportionate or practical.


6 DCC Classifications DCC information classification categories do not directly align with SEC classifications, which can cause challenges when mapping and in accepting requests to downgrade papers.



SEC Parties are invited to submit any feedback on the Panel Information Policy which will be considered as part of the review. Please submit any comments by 5pm on Friday 28 May 2021 via


New Draft Proposal

There has been one new Draft Proposal which has been raised since the last Newsletter. If you would like to provide feedback, please contact the Change Team.




DP162 ‘SEC changes required to deliver Market-Wide Half-hourly Settlement (MHHS)’


As the Smart Metering rollout continues, there will be more premises with Electricity Smart Metering Equipment (ESME) capable of recording consumption in each half-hour period. Ofgem’s Electricity Settlement Reform Significant Code Review (SCR) has concluded that settling all consumers on a half-hourly basis would bring net benefits of up to £4.5bn by 2045. Ofgem has therefore requested a Draft Proposal be raised to make the necessary changes to the SEC to mandate Suppliers to do this.


Significant Code Review: Authority-Led Variation

An Authority-Led Variation has been raised; MP161 ‘Significant Code Review – Retail Code Consolidation’. Unlike a Modification Proposal, Authority-Led Variations are progressed straight to Panel and then referred to the Change Board for a vote. Once the Change Board votes, the Authority will determine whether to approve the variation.


MP161 seeks to update the SEC to reflect cross references within the SEC to Energy Codes that are being consolidated into the Retail Energy Code (REC). The goal of the Retail Code Consolidation Significant Code Review (SCR) in November 2019 was to make faster, more reliable switching a reality for consumers and to harmonise the provisions for switching in gas and electricity.


The Retail Code Consolidation SCR scope covers improvements to Cross-Code change management. Equally, the new provisions for how to better coordinate the progression of Cross-Code changes need to be introduced.


REC update on MP077 ‘DCC Service Flagging’

SEC Parties are informed that the Retail Energy Code (REC) is making consequential changes to ensure that it aligns with the SEC when MP077 ‘DCC Service Flagging’ is implemented in November 2021. The Data Item enumerations within the DCC Service Flag (J1833) Data Item will be updated, and will be held in the Energy Market Data Specification which will be governed by the Retail Energy Code (REC).


Under current MRA governance arrangements, a consequential Change Proposal would be raised to reflect this change in the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC). The implementation of the REC in September 2021 means that this change, and any subsequent changes, will go through the REC change process from September 2021. This requires the REC Code Manager to raise a REC Change Proposal, which will reflect the approved SEC changes to the data item in the Data Specification.


Parties should develop and implement any changes required to their systems and processes based on the approval of MP077, and not wait for the REC Change Proposal for confirmation that this change is required. There will not be any additional obligations or changes to the solution developed by the REC.

If you have any questions or comments about this, please contact the Change Team.


Open Industry Consultations Webpage

Please visit our Open Industry Consultations webpage for details of consultations that may be of interest to SEC Parties. If you are aware of a consultation that should be added, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


For other publications that may be of interest to you, please view the Operations Report in the May 2021 WHITE SEC Panel Meeting 92 Documentation. SEC Parties can also view the Transitional Governance Update (TGU) Paper in the May 2021 GREEN SEC Panel Meeting 92 Documentation.


SECAS Helpdesk

Please contact the SECAS Helpdesk with any questions and a member of the team will be happy to help. Helpdesk hours are Monday-Friday 9-5pm (excluding bank holidays).


Date         Meeting, Event or Deadline  
18 May  Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 81 
19 May  Small Suppliers Engagement Call 
24 May  Smart Meter Device Assurance Sub-Committee Meeting 
24 May  Operations Group Meeting 49 
26 May  Testing Advisory Group Meeting 79 
26 May  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 124 
26 May  Change Board Meeting 54 
1 June  Operations Group Meeting 50 
2 June  Monthly Working Group Meeting – June 2021 
3 June  Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 66 
9 June  Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 82 
9 June  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 125 
16 June  Other SEC Parties Engagement Call 
18 June  SEC Panel Meeting 93