SEC Newsletter – 16 November 2018


Welcome to our current newsletter.

We would like to introduce you to an opportunity for Energy Suppliers to be part of a new Utilities Switching Service offering energy procurement for public sector customers in an innovative and novel way. Please read more about this here.

Spotlight on the SEC 11 December

You are invited to attend our next Spotlight on the SEC seminar, providing an update on key issues and developments. The event is 10 – 3 on 11 December at Gemserv offices. We will be publishing an agenda next week.  More details here.

Panel’s Data Quality Request for Information

In September, the Panel sent out a request for information asking Parties to help identify the extent of known issues affecting the early stages of the SMETS 2 roll-out, and to identify other issues as they come to light. The intention was to identify issues early, and to help resolve the causes and/or mitigate the impacts before problems become widespread.

SECAS presented initial feedback to the Panel in November, in paper SECP_62_0911_05, which can be download from the SEC Website, using  this link and then clicking ‘SECP_62_0911 – Meeting Documentation’.

The paper identifies, from an initial analysis, the key issues understood to be resulting in data quality issues.  The Panel asked that the Operations Group acts as a steering group to take forward the analysis, prioritisation and remediation work.

Stay tuned as the work progresses!

You said, we listened – Modification Working Groups

We are always keen to hear your feedback and we have recently received some constructive comments about what really matters for our customers, and how we can improve our delivery of the Modification Process. In particular, we have received feedback about how we handle our Working Groups, and have introduced a number of changes in response to this: Click here to find out more.

One way to find out and engage with modifications is to participate in the Modifications Question Hour.  The next is on the 10 December.

BEIS consultation on DCC SMETS1 Service, and changes product management process for SMETS 2 Devices.

On 5 November BEIS issued a consultation on the regulatory changes including changes to supply licence conditions for both the provision of a SMETS1 service by DCC and to streamline the current Commercial Product Assurance Central Product List process es for SMETS2. More details are on the SEC website, including the consultation document and associated draft text s and amendments.  The consultation closes on 3 December.


The DCC Firmware Management Consultation

The DCC is consulting on proposals for improvements to the current SMETS2 DCC Communications Hub (Comms Hub) Firmware Management processes. The goal of the proposed improvements is to:

  • Improve Comms Hub delivery stages to ensure new firmware delivers the functionality intended;
  • Achieve confidence that new Comms Hub firmware is operable with devices deployed on the production estate to facilitate the Smart Metering System;
  • Improve governance and accountability on processes related to Comms Hub Firmware.

You can download the Consultation here.  The consultation closes on 17 December.

The DCC has updated its consultation timetable showing when it is planning to issue consultations and for how long.  You can see it here.  Two further consultations are anticipated in November.

20 November                  Smart Meter Key Infrastructure Policy Management

                                        Authority meeting 52

21 November                   Change Board meeting 24

27 November                   Operations Group meeting 14

28 November                   Security Sub Committee meeting 67

3 December                     BEIS consultation on DCC SMETS1 service and 

                                        changes to CPL process for SMETS2 closes

10 December                   Modifications Question Hour

11 December                   Spotlight on the SEC

12 December                   Security Sub Committee meeting 68

13 December                   Technical Architecture and Business Architecture

                                         Sub Committee meeting 37

14 December                   SEC Panel meeting 63

17 December                   DCC Firmware Management Consultation closes