SEC Newsletter 15 October 2021

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the SEC Newsletter.

In this edition you will learn how to register for our upcoming Introduction to the SEC webinar and view the videos of our recent Alt HAN webinar. You will also find out about the new Draft Proposals and Modification Consultations on which you are invited to provide feedback. We hope you enjoy this edition.


Build your SEC knowledge, with our topic-focused webinars

SEC Parties are invited to join the following upcoming webinar:

  • Introduction to the SEC – Back to Basics: 19 October 2021 at 11am-1pm. Are you new to your role? Has your Party recently acceded to the SEC? This webinar offers you the opportunity to build your knowledge of the SEC and get to grips with the basics from SECAS, Alt HAN and the DCC. To register please click here. If you have any questions, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


Thank you to all those who attended our Alt HAN Co – ‘What Suppliers need to know’ webinar on 28 September 2021. The webinar was a resounding success with 92% of respondents stating their expectations were either fully or mostly met. We would like to thank the attendees who shared feedback via questions and our polls, your feedback has been incorporated into their presentation for our upcoming ‘Introduction to the SEC’ webinar or will be addressed directly where required. SEC Parties can view the presentation slides and video recordings here. If you have any questions for Alt HAN, please email


If you are unable to join the live webinar, you are welcome to access the webinar videos and presentation slides on our webinars page. If you have any questions, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


Would you like to join the SECAS Team?

We are currently recruiting for the following position:

  • Smart Energy Business AnalystDo you understand the GB Smart Metering arrangements, and the governance and technical arrangements underpinning these, and have you worked in the energy or Smart Metering sector for at least two years? Are you highly organised, able to proactively research the background to an issue, identify the root problems and appropriate solutions? To find out more about this role and how to apply, please click here.


If you have any questions, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


For your information: the DCC Enduring Change of Supplier (ECoS) newsletter and request for industry contacts

SEC Parties are encouraged to read the DCC’s latest ECoS Newsletter (accessed once logged in to the SEC website). You can find out about the latest updates on the ECoS programme – how the design team is progressing, and how the DCC can now control the migration of Devices precisely.


You are also invited to join the DCC’s weekly October drop-in sessions (two of which are sweep-up sessions), where you will have the opportunity to provide feedback, ask questions, and hear about the DCC’s progress. Interested Parties are encouraged to view the drop-in session dates in the ECoS Newsletter and email so invites can be issued.


To support ECoS engagement and ensure the DCC is contacting to the right people in your organisation, please download and complete the ECoS Industry Contact Request Form and send it to


If you have any questions, please contact


Represent your Party type by joining the TABASC 

The Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) provides advice and guidance to the SEC Panel regarding Technical Code Specifications, End-to-End Technical Architecture, and Business Architecture. The TABASC meets once a month. 


November 2021 marks the end of term for several Members, opening up the opportunity for you to keep informed of industry developments and influence key decisions. 

We are calling for nominations for 3 Large Suppliers, 1 Small Suppliers, 1 Electricity Network, and 1 Other SEC Party representative. 

Would you like to play a vital role managing the policy surrounding the Technical and Business Architecture? If so, nominate yourself or an individual using our online form by 5pm on Friday 29 October. Please note, SEC Parties need to be logged in to the website to use this form.


Smart Energy GB: Turning Good Intentions into Positive Actions

Smart Energy will be joining SECAS in November to deliver a webinar sharing insights into consumer attitudes towards smart meters and smart future research which examines the possibilities of an upgraded energy system. Look out for further details in our next newsletter!

Concern about climate change is at an all-time high, but 44% of people in Britain are still unsure what individual actions they can personally take to help tackle climate change. The new Tackling Climate Change from Home: How to Turn Good Intentions into Positive Actions report by Smart Energy GB and The Behavioural Architects shows what can be done to turn peoples’ good intentions into positive actions in the home. The report also investigates the characteristics that influence the uptake of planet-saving products and actions, with the results challenging common assumptions about barriers to taking action.


A communications checklist, based on behavioural science, has been produced to support organisations to write more compelling messages and drive more climate-friendly habits. you can access the report and checklist here. If you have any questions, please contact


The Prepayment Metering Forum (PPMF): Engagement with Gas Prepayment Suppliers

The Prepayment Metering Forum (PPMF) is an expert group established for the discussion of all matters relating to prepayment meters. The forum provides expertise in technical, operational, and regulatory issues that impact the delivery of prepayment services to consumers.


With the recent closing down of the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) and its obligations, which are now governed under the Retail Energy Code (REC), PPMF Members are eager to incorporate the full scope of gas prepayment in to PPMF, so that Smart and legacy prepayment topics can be addressed under one duel fuel forum. The PPMF believes this to be an exciting opportunity and something that will be of great benefit to industry, particularly with regards to aligning the upcoming withdrawal of legacy prepayment gas and electric meter services.


PPMF is keen to engage with gas prepayment suppliers who may be interested in attending the forum. Please contact to register your interest in attending the next forum meeting, which is scheduled for 11 November 2021, or find out more.


New Draft Proposal

One new Draft Proposal has been raised since the last newsletter. You are invited to provide feedback to the Change Team to help us understand whether this affects your Party.


DP185 ‘Additional Controls to Support the SoLR Process’



MP134A was implemented to allow the Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) Policy Management Authority (PMA) to delay revocation of SMKI Certificates in the event of a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) situation, allowing a Shared Resource Provider (SRP) to put prepayment customers into a ‘safe mode’ where they would not lose supply if they ran out of credit. The intent of MP134A is not fully met by the current solution.


The DCC is required to transfer the Market Participant Identifiers (MPIDs) of the failed Supplier to the SoLR when appointed. But at this point the Change of Supplier process would not be completed, meaning the SRP and the SoLR cannot communicate with the meters.


The Proposed Solution is to allow the SMKI PMA the authority to delay, where appropriate, the transfer of the MPIDs. The Proposer has requested this be treated as an Urgent Modification.


Modification consultations – your opportunity to input to SEC change

Modification consultations are your opportunity to feed into and comment on SEC modifications as they are developed. Your views are essential to help the Proposer, the Working Group and the Change Board to fully assess and understand the issue, solution(s) business case for a modification and how the change may affect you.

We issue three types of consultation on modifications:

  • Requests for information (RFIs) offer you a chance to provide information to help refine the issue, solution, or case for change as these are being developed
  • Refinement Consultations allow you to comment on the solution(s) developed and the case for change before these are finalised, and tell us whether and how these will impact you
  • Modification Report Consultations allow you to give your view on whether a modification should be approved before the Change Board votes, and is your final chance to input on a modification before the decision is made

You can find all our open modification consultations on our Open Industry Consultations webpage.


Modification Report Consultation

There is currently one open Modification Report Consultation. You are invited to provide feedback to the Change Team to help us understand your views on whether the modification should be approved.


MP128B ‘Incorrect Gas Network Operator Certificates’



Download the consultation here.




Closing Date:

18 October 2021


Gas Network Operators (GNOs) are required by the SEC to place their Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) Organisation Certificates in the SMKI Repository and to undertake SMKI & Repository Entry Process Tests (SREPT). However, GNOs are not obligated to be DCC Users. Several GNOs who do not wish to be DCC Users see no benefit to making their SMKI Organisation Certificate available in the SMKI Repository.


The solution seeks to amend the obligation on Suppliers in SEC Appendix AC so that where an unrevoked SMKI Organisation Certificate for a GNO that is a DCC User exists, then the Supplier should put it onto the Device Post Commissioning. Where there is no GNO Organisation Certificate available in the SMKI Repository, the Supplier shall leave the Access Control Broker (ACB) Certificate in the Device.

The solution also adds an obligation for GNOs to become a DCC User if they intend to become a Subscriber for SMKI Organisation Certificates.


Open Industry Consultations Webpage

Please visit our Open Industry Consultations webpage for details of consultations that may be of interest to SEC Parties. If you are aware of a consultation that should be added, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


For other publications that may be of interest to you, please view the Operations Report in the October 2021 WHITE SEC Panel Meeting 97 Documentation. SEC Parties can also view the Transitional Governance Update (TGU) Paper in the October 2021 GREEN SEC Panel Meeting 97 Documentation.


SECAS Helpdesk

Please contact the SECAS Helpdesk with any questions and a member of the team will be happy to help. Helpdesk hours are Monday-Friday 9-5pm (excluding bank holidays).


Date                   Meeting or Event
15 October SEC Panel Meeting 97
19 October Introduction to the SEC – back to basics Webinar
20 October MP162 Working Group Meeting – Session 3
20 October Small Suppliers Engagement Call
22 October MP162 Working Group Meeting – Session 4
25 October Operations Group Meeting 59
26 October Change Sub-Committee Meeting 32
27 October Testing Advisory Group Meeting 84
27 October Security Sub-Committee Meeting 134
27 October Change Board Meeting 59
2 November Operations Group Meeting 60
3 November Monthly Working Group Meeting – November 2021
4 November Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 71
10 November Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 87
10 November Security Sub-Committee Meeting 135
10 November Other SEC Parties Engagement Call
12 November SEC Panel Meeting 98