SEC Newsletter 13 August 2020

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter.

In this edition you will learn about our upcoming series of ‘Spotlight on the SEC’ webinars, including topics such as ‘CodeWorks: The SEC at your fingertips’ and ‘Alt HAN Co – Maintaining Progress in 2020’. Read on to find out about the recently completed re-procurement of the User Competent Independent Organisation (User CIO), plus numerous modifications and publications. We hope that you enjoy this newsletter.


Join our upcoming webinars

SEC Parties are invited to join a series of short topic-focused ‘Spotlight on the SEC’ webinars starting from 8 September 2020. The webinars will provide important updates on SEC activity and help keep you informed of the latest developments.

  • CodeWorks: The SEC at your fingertips: 8 September at 2:00pm – Learn how you can benefit from the CodeWorks platform: why you need it, how to use it and find out about future developments and how your input matters! If you haven’t yet signed up to CodeWorks, please do so here.


  • Alt HAN Co – Maintaining Progress in 2020: 17 September at 2:00pm – Hear an update from the Alternative Home Area Network Company’s Managing Director, Paul Cooper, and learn how Alt HAN Co has maintained progress in 2020 in light of Covid-19.


We will be announcing future webinar dates soon, including ‘Validating your Security Assessment in 2020 and Beyond’. If you have a question for the presenters or a topic that you would like to learn about, you can help shape our events programme by contacting the SECAS Helpdesk with your ideas.


Updated SEC Party Members Area

If you are SEC Party member, you can easily find important news items on our website by visiting your SEC Party Members Area. If you have not yet registered, please visit the registration page. If there is an update or feature you would like to see added to the webpage, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


User CIO Re-Procurement Completed!

It has been an exciting 6 months running one of our largest procurements on behalf of the SEC Panel and the Security Sub-Committee (SSC), and we are pleased to announce that the re-procurement of the User Competent Independent Organisation (User CIO) has been successfully completed.

A new contract has been awarded to Deloitte LLP, who continue in the role for the Security and Privacy Assurance of DCC Users. SECAS would like to congratulate Deloitte LLP and we look forward to continuing to work with you.


New Draft Proposal

The following Draft Proposal is a new issue recently raised that the Proposer believes needs to be addressed:


Draft Proposal


Issue Highlighted by the Proposer


DP138 ‘DCC Service Testing in ETAD’ SEC Appendix J ‘Enduring Testing Approach Document’ (ETAD) was designed to support DCC Users through entry process testing and enable them to operate freely within the User Integration Testing (UIT) environment. The DCC proposes to offer new test services, having reviewed the interoperability of Home Area Network (HAN) Devices on Change of Supplier (commissioned by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)). The new test services need to be added to the ETAD.


Refinement Consultations

Three SEC Modifications are scheduled for Refinement Consultation. SEC Parties can respond by contacting the Change Team, from the week beginning 17 August 2020. This is your chance to influence the solution.

  • MP107 ‘SMETS Validation of SRV 6.15.1’ – If a Network Operator updates the Network Operator Certificate with a new but erroneous certificate, the error cannot be corrected. This modification will remove a validation step for Service Reference Variant (SRV) 6.15.1 ‘Update Security Credentials (KRP)’ which will allow any errors to be corrected.


  • MP117 ‘Bulk CH returns’ – DCC Users need to send an individual Service Request to notify the DCC of each Communications Hub (CH) return. This can take a significant amount of time and effort when multiple CHs require return, which DCC Users have advised is not a sustainable approach. This modification will allow Users to return CHs in bulk.


  • MP128 ‘Gas Network Operator SMKI Requirements’ – Gas Network Operators are required by the SEC to place their SMKI Organisation Certificates in the SMKI Repository and to undertake SMKI & Repository Entry Process Tests (SREPT). The Proposer believes this is an expensive process and provides no benefit to Gas Network Operators since they do not receive alerts. This modification seeks to provide Gas Network Parties the option to place their Organisation Certificate in the SMKI Repository.


Modification Report Consultations

There is one SEC Modification scheduled for Modification Report Consultation. SEC Parties can respond by contacting the Change Team, from the week beginning 17 August 2020. This is your final chance to share your feedback before the Change Board vote.

  • SECMP0007 ‘Firmware updates to IHDs and PPMIDs’ – This modification seeks to address the lack of capability to update firmware Over-The-Air (OTA) for mandated Home Area Network (HAN) Devices via the DCC’s infrastructure. This modification proposes to amend the SEC and DCC Systems to include the capability to update firmware OTA for Prepayment Meter Interface Devices (PPMIDs) and HAN Connected Auxiliary Load Control Switches (HCALCs).


November 2020 SEC Release update

The Authority has approved the November 2020 SEC Release to be implemented on 29 November 2020 rather than 5 November 2020 and has also given flexibility for an extension to 6 December 2020 if required.

The change in implementation date will allow for efficient implementation of both BEIS-led changes and SEC Release changes. It also means that only a single uplift of the SEC Technical Specification documents will be required.


Open Industry Consultations Webpage

SECAS is continuing to publish open industry consultations that may be of interest to SEC Parties on our Open Industry Consultations webpage. If you are aware of a consultation to be added, please email the details to


CACoP Newsletter

The latest Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) Newsletter is now available on our website here.

Previous editions and other information on CACoP, including the Central Modifications Register and the Horizon Scanner, are available on the CACoP page of our website and are a great way to keep up to date on industry developments across the various Codes.


DCC Publications

The DCC has published the following:

  • SMETS1 Early Firmware Updates – This consultation proposes changes to the SMETS1 Transition and Migration Approach Document (TMAD) for early updating of firmware for Dormant Devices. This consultation closes on 21 August 2020.




  • Regulatory Changes for SMETS1 Uplift 1.2 – The DCC issued a SMETS1 consultation on changes to several SEC appendices (DUIS, SRPD, TMAD, and S1SR) regarding SMETS1 Uplift 1.2. This consultation closes on 3 September 2020.



BEIS Publications

BEIS has published the following:


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14 August SEC Panel Meeting 83
18 August Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 72
20 August Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 56X
24 August Operations Group Meeting 35x
25 August Change Sub-Committee 18
26 August Change Board Meeting 45
26 August Security Sub-Committee Meeting 107
26 August Testing Advisory Group Meeting 70
1 September Operations Group Meeting 36
2 September Monthly Working Group meeting – September 2020
3 September Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 57
9 September Security Sub-Committee Meeting 108
9 September Testing Advisory Group 70X Meeting
11 September SEC Panel Meeting 84
15 September Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 73
17 September Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 57X
23 September Change Board Meeting 46
23 September Security Sub-Committee Meeting 109
28 September Operations Group Meeting 36x
29 September Change Sub-Committee 19
30 September TAG Meeting 71