SEC Newsletter 1 April 2021

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the SEC newsletter.

Read this edition to find out how SEC Parties can take part in the Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) Effectiveness Review. Have you ever thought about joining SECAS, or know someone who may be interested? Read on to learn about our vacancies. You will also find out about Draft Proposals and an update regarding SEC Modification Proposal SECMP0007 ‘Firmware updates to In-Home Displays (IHDs) and Prepayment Meter Interface Devices (PPMIDs)’, including the benefits Parties will receive from each phase.

SECAS wish you a Happy Easter! We hope you enjoy the long weekend.


Your input matters: respond to the TABASC Effectiveness Review Questionnaire

SEC Parties are invited to participate in the TABASC Effectiveness Review questionnaire. You will provide valuable insight into the specific aspects of live operations affecting your User experience with End-to-End processes, including those managed and provided by the DCC. Responses are limited to one per SEC Party.

You can access the Questionnaire here, or click here for more information. The deadline for responses is 5pm on 26 April 2021. If you have any questions, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


Would you like to join the SECAS Team?

There are currently two roles available in the SECAS Team:

  • Smart Energy Business Analyst – Do you have an understanding of the Great British Smart Metering arrangements, and have worked within the Smart Metering sector? Are you highly organised, able to proactively research the background to an issue, identify the root cause of problems and appropriate solutions, and able to translate technical information into Plain English? To find out more about this role and apply to join the Change Team, please click here.


  • Technical Operations Smart Energy Code Consultant – Do you have a background in Smart Metering and a solid understanding of the technical architecture underpinning GB Smart Metering? Are you proactive in identifying client requirements and have excellent planning and organisational skills? To find out more about this role, please click here.


Electricity and Gas Prepayment Meter Requests for Information

SEC Parties are invited to respond to a Request for Information (RFI) by the Electricity Prepayment Meter Forum (PPMF). The RFI is seeking industry views on the future of legacy prepayment and whether policy intervention is required. The Gas Prepayment Expert Group (GPEG) has also released an RFI seeking the same information for gas metering. Reponses for both RFIs are invited by 12 April 2021.


The PPMF has also published its Forum Tariff which comes into effect on 1 April 2021 in line with the new Ofgem Default Tariff Cap. For more information regarding PPMF services and membership, please contact the PPMF Secretary.


Implementation approach of SECMP0007 ‘Firmware updates to IHDs and PPMIDs’

SEC Parties can now access more information here on the implementation of SECMP0007 ‘Firmware Updates to IHDs and PPMIDs’, including the benefits Parties will receive from each phase. There are two main dates to be aware of:

  • 4 November 2021 (November 2021 SEC Release) – SEC documentation will change and Data Services Provider (DSP) elements will be implemented.


  • June 2022 SEC Release – SECAS proposes that the Communication Services Provider (CSP) system changes be delivered with the subsequent Communications Hub firmware updates being rolled out as soon as they are available. The DCC is consulting on this approach with industry and will then request the SEC Panel’s endorsement.

If you have any questions, please contact the SEC Change Team.


New Draft Proposals

There have been two new Draft Proposals raised since the last Newsletter.





DP157 ‘Removal of DUIS v1.0 and v2.0’







DCC User Interface Specification (DUIS) versions were added to the Technical Specification Applicability Tables (TSAT) as part of MP080 ‘Managing DUIS uplifts’, implemented as part of the November 2019 Release. Currently, the TSAT still displays DUIS versions 1.0 and 2.0 as available for use. These need to be removed from the SEC so that DCC Users are clear that these are no longer supported versions.




DP158 ‘Incorporation of multiple Issue Resolution Proposals into the SEC – Batch 5’


Issue Resolution Proposals (IRPs) identify and resolve issues in the Technical Specifications documents of the SEC. 17 IRPs have been confirmed as not DDC System impacting and won’t require DCC System testing. The Technical Specification Issue Resolution Sub-group (TSIRS) has requested these be progressed as a Modification Proposal for implementation into the SEC.


You can listen to our latest Modcast here, where we talk through the SEC Panel outcomes and planned Change Board items, the issued consultations above and the items taken to the Change Sub-Committee last month. New Modcasts are released monthly on the Change Reporting webpage.


BEIS Consultation on SEC changes for the Enduring Change of Supplier (ECoS) Arrangements

BEIS is consulting on changes related to the ECoS arrangements, as well as a number of Security related arrangements that affect SEC Section G, L and the Smart Meter Key Infrastructure (SMKI) Interface Design Specification. For more information, please click here. Please provide any consultation responses to by 5pm on 20 May 2021.


Open Industry Consultations Webpage

Please visit our Open Industry Consultations webpage for details of consultations that may be of interest to SEC Parties. If you are aware of a consultation that should be added, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


For other publications that may be of interest to you, please view the Operations Report in the March 2021 WHITE SEC Panel Meeting Documentation. SEC Parties can also view the Transitional Governance Update (TGU) Paper in the March 2021 GREEN SEC Panel Meeting Documentation.


SECAS Helpdesk

Please contact the SECAS Helpdesk with any questions and a member of the team will be happy to help. Helpdesk hours are Monday-Friday 9-5pm (excluding bank holidays).


Date   Meeting, Event or Deadline  
6 April  Operations Group Meeting 46 
7 April  Monthly Working Group Meeting – April 2021 
14 April  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 121 
15 April  Other SEC Parties Engagement Call 
16 April  SEC Panel Meeting 91 
20 April  Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 80 
21 April  Change Board Meeting 53 
21 April  Small Suppliers Engagement Call 
26 April  Operations Group Meeting 47 
28 April  Testing Advisory Group Meeting 78 
28 April  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 122