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SECAS Newsletter September 2016

Sent on : September 30, 2016

TABASC Member nominations currently open
Registration Data provisions now live due to changes by the Secretary of State
Small Supplier Engagement Day 4th November 2016


Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) Nominations Currently Open

The initial 12-month term for the Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) membership will come to an end in November 2016. As a result, a call for TABASC membership was issued on 19th September 2016 to SEC Parties. The seats up for nominations are as follows:
  • Three Large Supplier seats;
  • Two Small Supplier seats (one of which is currently vacant);
  • One Gas Networks seat; and
  • One Other SEC Party seat.

If you would like to nominate an individual, please fill in and return a nomination form as found here to the SECAS Helpdesk by Monday, 10th October 2016.

N.B. – The SMKI PMA currently has a vacancy for a Small Supplier member. If you feel you would suit this position, would like further information on this position, or would like to nominate someone who you believe to be suited, please contact us via the SECAS Helpdesk.

Registration Data Provisions Now Live

On 28th September 2016, the Secretary of State (SoS) issued a direction letter ending transitional variations in respect of Section E2 ‘Registration Data’ and Section K ‘Charging Methodology’.

The cancellation of these variations mean that Registration Data provisions in SEC Section E, which requires Electricity and Gas Network Parties to ensure their Registration Data Providers (RDPs) submit full sets of Registration Data to the DCC, are now active.

In addition, pursuant to SEC Section X6, the SoS introduced new transitional variations to SEC Sections E1 and E2 such that Network Parties are required to:

  • Continue to provide transitional Registration Data (in addition to the full Registration Data) as originally required under SEC Section X2.4; and
  • Permit the DCC to use the transitional Registration Data for calculating charges for the period to which it relates when necessary.

More information on Registration Data Live can be found via the following link to our latest news article here.

SEC Small Supplier Day 4th November 2016

SECAS is hosting a Small Supplier Engagement Day on 4th November 2016. This day will provide Small Suppliers and their shared resource providers an opportunity to learn more about SEC obligations and the DCC User Entry Process, including Security and Privacy Assessments.

The day will also involve a detailed Q and A session, so if you wish to submit questions ahead of time, SECAS can ensure that the relevant experts are available to answer them for you.

he invitation for the event is available via the following link. If you would like to book a place at the event, please email the SECAS Helpdesk.


SEC Governance

SEC Panel

The SEC Panel held its latest meeting on 9th September 2016. The key topics and decisions discussed can be found in the Meeting Headlines here, with the more detailed discussions and outcomes available in the Final Minutes, here.

During the meeting, a number of speakers presented the Panel with information and updates on:
  • The DCC Live Decision Making Process;
  • DCC CIO Build and Test Report;
  • Post DCC-Live Temporary Alternative Arrangements; and
  • The SEC Modification and Release Process Thought Piece.
Green box 1 -

The Panel were also presented with an update on Release Management to facilitate discussions on the enduring release activities, including the Panel’s leadership role and the frequency of releases. The presentation also provided the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) led-change, and DCC internal change candidates for a June 2017 release, all of which needed to be agreed by the 30th September 2016. Further information on upcoming releases will be provided for the October 2016 Panel meeting.  

The next Panel meeting will be held on 14th October 2016.

Panel Elections Update

Following the consultation of the scheduled SEC Panel Member Elections undertaken this summer, the following candidates have been selected by their Party Categories to undertake the role of a SEC Panel Member: 

 Large Suppliers     Simon Trivella (re-elected)
 Small Suppliers  Mike Gibson (re-elected)
 Electricity Networks    David Lane (re-elected)
 Gas Networks  Hilary Chapman
 Other SEC Parties  Hugh Mullens (re-elected)

The full list of SEC Panel Members fo
r each SEC Party Category can be found here.

SEC Modification Proposal Update Following September 2016 Panel Meeting 

SECAS will present three new Modification Proposals to the Panel in October 2016 Panel:

  • SECMP0020 “Include MPID data in ID Allocation Procedure document" 
  • SECMP0021 "Increase Other SEC Party representation for TABASC and SSC"
  • SECMP0022 “Removal of the confidential classification of the unique identifiers listed in SEC Schedule 5"

These Modification Proposals will be proposed as Path 3 Self Governance modifications. SECAS will recommend that SECMP0020 and SECMP0022 do not undergo refinement, while SECMP20021 should. This will increase the total number of modifications currently going through refinement to 17.

Five Working Group meetings were held between August and September to further progress a number of modifications. All Working Group Members were made aware of the extensions to the modification progression timetables, which were approved by Panel at the August 2016 meeting. The Modification Register
 has further information on the status of all modifications.

If you would like to be involved in the refinement of any of the active Modification Proposals, please contact us on 020 7090 7755, or email us at as soon as possible. Please provide us with a brief description of your relevant expertise or experience.
The next Modifications’ Question Hour will be held at 11am on Monday 10th October 2016. Further information and the teleconference details can be found here.

SMKI Policy Management Authority (SMKI PMA)  

The SMKI PMA met on Tuesday 13th September 2016, and continue to meet on a monthly basis. 

The latest version of the SMKI Recovery Key Guidance was approved for publication following the updates based on the feedback received through consultation with parties and SMKI PMA members. The final version of the document will be published on the SEC Website in due course. The guidance document sets out the processes that will be followed by the SMKI PMA when deciding on the actions to take following an incident in relation to the Compromise of a Relevant Private Key.  

The SMKI PMA discussed a draft Modification Proposal (to be formally raised as SECMP0020) that seeks to increase the current membership structure, and also seeks to remove the Affiliate restriction that denies an Alternate of a SMKI PMA Member being employed by the same organisation.

The group are continuing to develop their Risk Register, with initial content being presented at the meeting for comment. The register will continue to be reviewed and amended as a standing agenda item to ensure appropriate oversight and management of risks associated with the SMKI Services, as well as the SMKI PMA duties and obligations under the Code. 

The next SMKI PMA meeting is scheduled for 11th October 2016.

Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) 

The TABASC met on 15th September 2016, where they were presented with the current draft of the Business Architecture Document for initial review, and agreed to provide feedback by mid-October 2016. The document is being developed in stages, with review points scheduled for each drop of content.

The main Business Architecture Document will be accompanied by a Business Process Model, which is also in development by a modelling team using Casewise. A workshop was held on 20th September 2016 with members from the Technical and Business Expert Community (TBEC), in order to review the model suites for a number of functional areas that have been developed so far.

The TABASC are currently developing an approach to undertake their duty to review the effectiveness of the End-to-End Technical Architecture. Discussions on the scope and interpretation of the duty took place at their September 2016 meeting with further consideration being requested on the depth and timing of the review.

The next TABASC meeting is scheduled for 20th October 2016.

Testing Advisory Group (TAG) 

The TAG are continuing to meet in the build up to DCC Live, with a focus on the progress of testing through each of the phases, now including User Entry Process Testing (UEPT).

As part of the DCC Live Decision Making Process, the TAG will receive the Interface Testing (IT) Exit Report in order to provide the Panel with a recommendation on its approval, and the Systems Integration Testing (SIT) Exit Report for information. The DCC have provided the group with draft IT and SIT exit reports to allow feedback and comment prior to the final version being submitted.

The TAG were originally scheduled to hold meetings between the 23rd and 27th September 2016 in order to assess the final Exit Reports against the SEC and Testing Approach Document criteria. However, due to the revised DCC Live Schedule, this is now expected to take place between 24th and 26th October 2016. 

Security Sub-Committee (SSC) Update

The fifteenth and sixteenth meetings of the SSC took place on 14th September 2016 and 28th September 2016. The group are continuing to meet twice monthly in order to undertake normal items of business, as well as review the Security Assessment reports for Parties going through the assessment process. 

The SSC are developing a Joint Industry Cyber Security Management Plan (JICSIMP), in order to enable co-ordination following an incident that may require cross-industry involvement to resolve. The plan is being presented to the Panel in October 2016 for approval and for its continued development.  

The next SSC meetings will be held on 12th October 2016 and 26th October 2016.


Guidance Materials

Supplier Contacts for Critical Alerts                 

On 2nd September 2016, a consultation on “Managing Critical Alerts where there is DCC User to Non-User churn” was sent out to SEC Parties. The purpose of this consultation was to seek views on the development of a Guidance Note and a centralised Supplier Contact List which would be hosted on the SEC Website. The Guidance Note sets out The Supplier-to-Supplier process for forwarding on Critical Alerts in the absence of a non-gateway interface, and a Supplier Contact List to support this process.

The consultation closed on the 16th September 2016. The consultation response and Supplier Contact List will be published on the SEC Website on Friday, 30th September 2016. If you are a Supplier that has not provided contact details for the Supplier Contact List, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Recent Publications

BEIS – A Consultation on Smart Energy Code and Licence Amendments – September 2016

On 22nd September 2016, BEIS released a consultation on proposed legal drafting amendments to the SEC, Gas and Electricity Supply Licence Conditions, and DCC Licence, to support the Smart Metering roll-out.

The consultation looks at proposed draft amendments on Install and Leave, maintenance of Smart Metering Systems, and simplification of change of supplier information flows. It also proposes amendments to the SEC on Testing in relation to:

  • Government introduced SEC modifications for releases beyond DCC Live and the R1.X series of Releases;
  • RDP entry process testing following DCC Live;
  • Changes to Section H of the SEC regarding alignment with the Enduring Testing Approach Document (ETAD) at Appendix J of the SEC; and
  • The provision of variant Communications Hubs for testing.

Finally, it sets out privacy requirements and the Data Protection Act 1998, making certain transitional variations enduring, the definition of Registration Data Provider Systems, and changes to the SEC to enable it to accommodate multiple versions of the Technical Specifications.

The consultation closes on 17th October 2016.

SECAS Activities

Upcoming SEC Calendar Dates

The following meetings coming up over the next month are accessible via the Meeting Calendar on the SEC Website.

Date (2016)

Meetings and Events

10th October 2016  Modifications Question Hour 05
11th October 2016  SMKI PMA Meeting 28
12th October 2016  SSC Meeting 16
14th October 2016  SEC Panel Meeting 36
 SECCo Board Meeting 36
20th October 2016 TABASC Meeting 11
26th October 2016 SSC Meeting 17
4th November 2016  SEC Small Supplier Day

The dates for the next meetings of the modification Working Groups are currently being determined. Updates will be made on the Meeting Calendar link provided above.  

SEC Parties and Accessions

The table below shows the current status of SEC Parties and Panel Members.

 Current SEC Parties 188
 Accession of new Parties to the SEC since last Newsletter                                           4
 Parties withdrawing from the SEC     0
 Expulsion of Parties from the SEC    0
 Changes to SEC Panel Member employment status     0

A list of SEC Parties can be accessed on the SEC Website via the link provided.

Social Media

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