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SECAS June 2017 Newsletter - Updated

Sent on : June 29, 2017

    blue-bullet  SEC Party Engagement Day - 13th July 2017
    yellow-bullet SECMP0036 ' Single User ID for Users acting in one or more User Roles' - Modifcation Report Consultation
    green-bullet Business Architecture Document - Final Drop 4 Content and Business Architecture Model Review


SEC Party Engagement Day – 13th July 2017

The annual SEC Party Engagement Day, hosted by the SEC Panel, is taking place in London on 13th July 2017 from 10-4pm.

This is an opportunity to hear SEC updates from the Panel and other key stakeholders including the DCC, BEIS, Ofgem and others. The afternoon will also include presentations on becoming a DCC User, and SEC Modification Proposals that are currently going through the SEC change process. A full invitation and details are available on the SECAS Website.

Due to high popularity of the event, spaces are extremely limited, however, if you wish to attend please contact SECAS as soon as possible and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

SECMP0036 Issues for Modification Report Consultation

SECMP0036 Issued for Modification Report following considerations. This Modification proposes to enable a User to use the same User ID when operating in the roles of 'Import Supplier' and 'Gas Supplier'.
SECMP0036 was issued for Modification Report Consultation on 28th June 2017 and can be found here.

Business Architecture Document – Final Drop 4 Content and Business Architecture Model Review

In order to fulfil the Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) obligations as set out under SEC Section F1.4, the Business Architecture Document (BAD) has been developed, which describes the Business Architecture for GB Smart Metering.

Following regular reviews of drops of the content of the BAD, the final draft (Drop 4) has now been prepared and is ready for review.

Prior to seeking approval from the SEC Panel for this document, a final round of review of the End-to-End document is being provided as an opportunity for respondents to provide views. 

More information can be found here.

SEC Governance

Modification Updates

SEC Modification Proposal Update

At the June 2017 meeting, the SEC Panel considered the Initial Modification Reports (IMR) for:

The SEC Panel agreed for SECMP0037 and SECMP0038 to proceed to the Refinement Process and SECMP0036 to proceed to Modification Report Consultation.

Change Board

At its June 2017 meeting, the SEC Change Board unanimously voted to approve SECMP0035 ‘Updates to SEC Appendix B – Organisation ARL expiration date to be aligned to DCCKI ARL’. SEC Parties have 10 Working Days to refer the Change Board’s decision to the SEC Panel. If no referrals are made by 5 pm on 6th July 2017, the modification will be implemented 5 Working Days later.

The next Modification’s Question Hour will be held at 11am on 10th July 2017. Further information and the teleconference details can be found here.

SEC Panel

The SEC Panel met on 9th June 2017 with the key topics discussed available in the Meeting Headlines here. The Final Minutes, can be found here.

During the meeting, key items discussed include:

  • An amended SMKI and Repository Testing (SRT) Approach Document Version 5.0 was approved by the Panel, following consultation with SEC Parties, and further review and refinement by the SMKI Policy Management Authority (SMKI PMA). The document has been published on the DCC’s website here.
  • The DCC presented its analysis on the current capability to support enduring releases and confirmed that (excluding R2.0 and SMETS1) they would not be able to deliver additional releases or release content in the form of approved Modification Proposals in 2018. The Panel agreed not to update the Panel Release Management Policy, due to the analysis not providing sufficient information to inform any changes. The DCC were asked to provide further information on when they could implement approved Modification Proposals.
  • The Panel discussed the approach that would be taken to help better inform and capture testing requirements for Modification Proposals. The update followed a workshop that took place in March 2017 involving TAG and TABASC Members. Going forward a testing matrix will be included within the Modification Reports with guidance to be provided.

The next scheduled Panel meeting will be held on 14th July 2017. A meeting will also be held on 30th June 2017 for Release 1.3 decision making activities to take place on Systems Integration Testing Exit and validating the entry gate into End-to-End Testing. 

Security Sub-Committee (SSC)

During June 2017, the SSC undertook two Full User Security Assessment reviews of Network Operators – with the assurance status recommendation being submitted to the SEC Panel.

In terms of wider work, the Sub-Committee continue to provide support and discuss a number of key areas, specifically:

  • Discussing the security impact of a number of Modification Proposals currently going through the process;
  • The SSC expectations on the Verification Security Assessment process;
  • The ways in which the User CIO will consider reliance from previous User Security Assessments; and
  • The end to end risk assessment of smart metering security.

Non-Confidential meeting outcomes can be found in the meeting headlines here
The next SSC meetings are 12th and 26th July 2017.


Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) 

The TABASC met on 15th June 2017, the main topics of discussion included the proposed approach for undertaking a review of the Design Notes. The Design Notes were formally handed over to the TABASC to maintain in May 2017. The review will begin with an initial high-level review to advise which Design Notes should be prioritised and the level of amendment necessary. 


The TABASC also received an update from the DCC on Service Management by running through the DCC Performance Report. Further reporting will be available as part of DCC Release 1.3.

The next TABASC meeting will be held on 20th July 2017.      

SMKI Policy Management Authority (SMKI PMA) Update

The latest SMKI PMA Meeting took place on Tuesday, 20th June 2017, where the following topics were discussed:

The latest update to the amended Draft SMKI Recovery Key Guidance was distributed to SMKI PMA Members. As part of the SMKI Recovery, the SMKI PMA have a role in deciding whether to require the use of the Recovery Private Key or Contingency Private Key (including the use of the Contingency Symmetric Key). Once the SMKI PMA have completed all associated actions from the SMKI Recovery Workshop (held in March 2017), the document will be issued for consultation.  This is anticipated to be issued for consultation in Q3 2017.

June 2017 signals the end of term for two SMKI PMA Members: A Large Supplier Member and the Gas Network Member. In addition, SECMP0022 created two additional seats on the SMKI PMA which had to be filled: an additional Large Supplier seat and the Electricity Networks seat. SEC Parties were invited to nominate individuals for the following roles in May 2017: two Large Supplier Members, the Electricity Networks Member and the Gas Networks Member.

Following this call for nominations, the following individuals will be appointed as SMKI PMA Members from July 2017 onwards:

 SMKI PMA SeatName
Large SupplierFabien Cavenne (Re-nominated)
Large SupplierVacant
Gas NetworksSara Neal (Re-nominated)
Electricity NetworksPaul Fitzgerald

The next SMKI PMA meeting will be held on 18th July 2017.


SECAS continue to develop guidance material for SEC Parties. If you feel your organisation could benefit from more specific and specialised guidance, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.


BEIS’ response to Provision of a SMETS1 Service by the DCC

On the 12th May 2017 the DCC submitted to BEIS the final version of its Initial Enrolment Project Feasibility Report (IEPFR) for a SMETS1 Service. BEIS evaluated the design options against three objectives:

  • To make interoperability and smart benefits available quickly and reliably for all stakeholders;
  • To do so in a cost-effective manner, taking account of the impact on businesses and consumers; and
  • To ensure an acceptable level of security for the Smart Metering System, prioritising high impact risk mitigation's from the outset.

BEIS believe that the DCC should progress a commercial approach to the provision of SMETS1 communication services that will deliver the best value for money. It could involve the DCC adopting existing contracts or entering into new ones.

It is BEIS’ intent to undertake a public consultation later this year, prior to making such a decision, supported by an emerging cost benefit analysis, to further inform the decision. 

The IEPFR can be read here.

Ofgem – Consultation on the implementation of the Operation Performance Regime and direction to populate Schedule 4 of the Smart Meter Communication Licence

In March 2016, Ofgem consulted on the key principles underpinning the Operational Performance Regime (OPR). In November 2016, Ofgem then consulted on the final proposals on the OPR. These included the specific metrics for measuring the DCC’s operational performance and incentive structure.

 In the past month Ofgem were seeking further views on the decisions the specific performance measures and incentive structure of the OPR. Ofgem are now hoping to test three specific issues before issuing the final direction in July 2017.

These are:

  • whether the draft direction reflects Ofgem’s policy intent;
  • the removal of the proposed interim regime in RY 17/18; and
  • the arrangements for dealing with ‘exceptional events’ within the performance reporting for the OPR.

From the consultations eight responses were received, and they broadly agreed with Ofgem’s proposals. Appendix 1 of the document summarises the responses and how they have informed the minded-to decision.

Ofgem were seeking feedback on three questions regarding the bullet points above and, they can be found in the consultation here. The response period closed on 19th June 2017. 

SECAS Activities

Party Details

Pursuant to SEC Section M6.2, each Party is required to ensure that its Party Details remain up-to-date. This will be particularly important for when you commence the DCC User Entry Process, as the DCC checks these details as part of those procedures, for example, the SMKI Registration Authority Policies and Procedures (SMKI RAPP).

If you are expecting or have recently had a change in Party Details, please complete the ‘Change in Party Details’ form as found here and send it to the SECAS Helpdesk.

SEC Parties and Accessions

The table below shows the current status of SEC Parties.

 Current SEC Parties 245
 Accession of new Parties to the SEC since last Newsletter                                         20
 Parties withdrawing from the SEC    0
 Expulsion of Parties from the SEC   1
 Changes to SEC Panel Member employment status    0

A list of SEC Parties can be accessed on the SEC Website via the link provided.

Upcoming SEC Calendar Dates

The following meetings coming up over the next month are accessible via the Meeting Calendar on the SECAS Website

 Date (2017)Meetings and Events
10th JulyModifcations Question Hour 14
12th JulySSC Meeting 33
13th JulySEC Party Engagement Day
14th JulySEC Panel Meeting 46
18th JulySMKI PMA Meeting 37
19th JulyTABASC Meeting 20
26th JulySSC Meeting 34

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