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SECAS Newsletter August 2017

Sent on : August 31, 2017


    blue-bullet SEC Panel Election Outcomes Announced
    yellow-bullet Operations Group Sub-Committee Nominations Currently Open     
    green-bullet SEC Panel delegate User Security Assessment assurance status setting to Security Sub-Committee 
    blue-bullet BEIS Release Consultation on Non-Domestic opt-out to DCC User Mandate


    SEC Panel Election Outcomes Announced

    Following the SEC Panel Member Elections undertaken in August 2017, the results were announced on 31st August 2017. Congratulations to the following candidates who have been selected by their Party Categories to undertake the role of a SEC Panel Member:

    Party CategoryName
    Large SuppliersAshley Pocock     
    Small SuppliersKaren Lee
    Gas Network Parties Leigh Page
    Other SEC PartiesGary Cottrell

    Thank you to those that were nominated, ensuring that the election process was robust.  

    The full list of SEC Panel Members for each SEC Party Category can be found here

    Operations Group Sub-Committee Nominations Currently Open

    At the July 2017 SEC Panel meeting, the Panel agreed to establish the Operations Group Sub-Committee to deal with operational matters relating to the operational services provided under the Smart Energy Code (SEC). The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Group can be found here

    A call for Operations Group members was issued on 16th August 2017 to SEC Parties. The seats up for nomination are:

    • one person appointed by each of the Voting Groups in the Large Supplier Party Category;
    • three persons appointed by the Party Category representing Small Supplier Parties;
    • three persons appointed by the Party Categories representing Electricity Network Parties and Gas Network Parties;
    • three persons appointed by the Party Category representing Other SEC Parties; and
    • two persons appointed by the DCC. 

    In addition to the Voting Members, representatives from the Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub Committee (TABASC), the Authority and the Secretary of State will also be invited to attend in a non-voting capacity.

    If you would like to nominate an individual, please submit a nomination form to the SECAS Helpdesk by Thursday 7th September 2017. 

    SEC Panel delegates User Security Assessment assurance status setting to Security Sub-Committee

    SEC Section C6.4 permits the Panel to delegate the duties, power, and functions of the Panel to a relevant Sub-Committee. The Security Sub-Committee (SSC) have been reviewing and providing recommendations on User Security Assessment Reports since August 2016. 

    Due to the SEC Panel’s confidence in the recommendations of the SSC, it decided at the August 2017 Panel meeting to delegate the power to set User Security Assessment assurance statuses to the SSC. This will help reduce the time it can take for a SEC Party to become a DCC User by up to four weeks. This is likely to help some Small Supplier Parties to meet their DCC User mandate of 25th November 2017. 

    To provide SEC Parties with details of the powers that have been delegated,  SECAS has now published the Delegations Register.

    BEIS Release Consultation on Non-Domestic opt-out to DCC User Mandate

    On 31st August 2017, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy released a further consultation on non-domestic smart metering policy.

    The consultation confirms its decision to remove the DCC opt-out and require SMETS2 meters in the non-domestic sector to be operated via the DCC.

    The consultation poses:

    • A requirement for non-domestic suppliers to become DCC Users by 31st August 2018, and to enrol SMETS2 meters with the DCC.
    • An amendment to supply licences to allow suppliers to give large non-domestic consumers an explicit choice between advanced meters and SMETS2 meters.

    The Government is also consulting on the case for exempting some non-domestic only suppliers from being required to become DCC Users.

    The consultation is available here. Responses should be made to by 5pm on 19th October 2017. 

    SEC Governance

    SEC Modification Proposal Update Following August 2017 Panel Meeting

    SECAS presented one Initial Modification Report (IMR) to the Panel at their August 2017 meeting:

    The Panel agreed for SECMP0041 to proceed into the Refinement Process. The Panel also agreed that the Working Group should consist of at least one representative from each SEC Party Category. 

    If you would like to be involved in the refinement of SECMP0041, please contact SECAS on 020 7090 7755 or email

    The Panel also reviewed one Draft Modification Report (DMR):

    The Panel agreed for SECMP0040 to proceed to Modification Report Consultation. This was issued to all SEC Parties on Friday, 18th August 2017, and responses are due to SECAS by 11th September 2017. 

    Security Sub-Committee (SSC)

    As the Small Supplier DCC User mandate of 25th November 2017 approaches, the SSC is facing an increasingly busy period for reviewing User Security Assessment reports. However, the SEC Panel’s decision to delegate setting SEC Party assurance statuses directly to the SSC will contribute to the reduction of time it can take a SEC Party to become a DCC User.

    The SSC will also continue to review and update documentation such as the Security Controls Framework (SCF) and Agreed Interpretations (AIs) in order to ensure that they are as informative and up-to-date as possible.

    The SSC meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Further information about the SSC can be found here.

    Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) 

    The TABASC met on 17th August 2017. The main topics of discussion included:

    • final discussions and a subsequent recommendation to the SEC Panel for the first version of the Business Architecture Document (BAD) and Business Architecture Model (BAM) to be approved. The BAD and BAM will be submitted to the SEC Panel for final approval in September;
    • the ongoing work on obtaining details on the open DCC Change Requests (the DCC internal change tracking mechanism) and what release the have been targeted at for resolution. The TABASC also discussed the cause and matters relating to the recent Unplanned Maintenance associated with the Release 1.3 uplift that occurred on 22nd July 2017; and
    • the TABASC also considered how it would initially interacts with the new Operations Group (the new Sub-Committee that was established by the Panel in July), when it first meets in October.


    The next TABASC meeting is scheduled for 21st September 2017.


    SECAS continue to develop guidance material for SEC Parties. If you feel your organisation could benefit from more specific and specialised guidance, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.

    In August 2017, the following new pieces of SEC Party Guidance were made available on the SEC website:


    Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) Recovery Key Guidance consultation

    SECAS issued an updated SMKI Recovery Key Guidance document (v1.02) to Parties for consultation on 7th August 2017. The updated Guidance sets out key factors the SMKI PMA will consider when deciding whether to use the Recovery Private Key or Contingency Private Key (including the Contingency Symmetric Key).

    A Consultation Wrapper document has been issued to SEC Parties, the Authority, the Secretary of State, the Security Sub-Committee (SSC) and the DCC, and provides additional information, the updated SMKI Recovery Key Guidance and an Excel Spreadsheet for providing comments and feedback.

    The deadline for submitting comments and feedback is 5pm on Friday, 1st September 2017. SECAS will then collate these comments and submit an Updated SMKI Recovery Key Guidance at the September 2017 SMKI PMA meeting for approval.  

    DCC Consultation - Temporary Maintenance Schedule - August 2017 Review 

    On the 23rd August 2017, the DCC issued a consultation to gain SEC Party views on extending the current temporary maintenance schedule to November 2017. The DCC view is that there has not yet been sufficient use of their services in the production environment. 

    Since the DCC went live in November 2016, the agreed temporary maintenance schedule has been used. The DCC have carried out the review of the maintenance schedule in April 2017 and consulted with SEC Parties in order to understand how the arrangements had been affecting them. Following this the maintenance schedule was extended to August 2017.

    The consultation closes on the 6th of September and can be read in full here.

    97% of British Population Now Aware of Smart Meters 

    In August 2017, Smart GB published the results of their Smart Energy Outlook survey. This survey is carried out by Populus, twice a year and surveys 10,000 people around the country. It aims to show the latest findings of Smart Meters and the impacts they are having on households. 

    The report showed that 97% of the British population are now aware of Smart Meters, and that 49% of people who don’t already have a Smart Meter, would like to have one installed within the next six months. Furthermore, the survey showed that 80% of those with a Smart Meter have taken at least one step towards reducing their energy use.  

    The Outlook survey showed that Smart Meter users across Britain are very satisfied and that 76% of users would recommend one to others.

    The full report can be read here

    SECAS Activities

     on the SEC Seminar

    On 22nd August 2017, SECAS held a Spotlight on the SEC Seminar. This is a quarterly seminar hosted by SECAS to keep all SEC Parties up to date with key activities and information on the SEC.

    Topics discussed included: SEC Governance and DCC business updates, and Meter Operator and Meter Asset Manager obligations and operations.

    The middle session was focused on the Security and Privacy Assessments that form a key part of the DCC User Entry Process. Small Supplier, Ecotricity, presented on their own experience of completing the Initial Full User Security Assessment. This gave attendees yet to undertake their Assessment the chance to gain more knowledge of the process from the perspective of a SEC Party.

    For a digital copy of the presentations, please follow this link.

    Party Details

    Pursuant to SEC Section M6.2, each Party is required to ensure that its Party Details remain up-to-date. This will be particularly important for when you commence the DCC User Entry Process, as the DCC checks these details as part of those procedures, for example, the SMKI Registration Authority Policies and Procedures (SMKI RAPP).

    If you have recently had a change in Party Details, please complete the ‘Change in Party Details’ form as found here and send it to the SECAS Helpdesk.

    SEC Parties and Accessions

    Seven new Parties acceded to the SEC in August 2017. The table below shows the current status of SEC Parties. SEC Party Details can be accessed on the SEC Website.

     Current SEC Parties 266
     Accession of new Parties to the SEC since last Newsletter                                          7
     Parties withdrawing from the SEC    0
     Expulsion of Parties from the SEC   0
     Changes to SEC Panel Member employment status    0

    A list of SEC Parties can be accessed on the SEC Website via the link provided.

    Upcoming SEC Calendar Dates

    The dates for the regular meetings of the SEC Panel and SEC Sub-Committees are below. More information on these meetings is available via the Meeting Calendar on the SECAS WebsiteModification Proposal Working Group meetings, which are scheduled on an ‘as needs’ basis, are also found on the SEC Meeting Calendar. 


     Date Meetings and Events
    13th September 2017SSC Meeting 37
    15th September 2017SEC Panel Meeting 48
    19th September 2017SMKI PMA Meeting 39
    20th September 2017SEC Change Board 14
    21st September 2017TABASC Meeting 22
    27th September 2017SSC Meeting 38

    Social Media

    We are on Twitter and LinkedIn. SECAS are using social media to provide links and other information organisations may find useful. Follow us to stay up to date with developments with the SEC. 

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