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SEC 5.5 Designation - 15th March 2017

March 15, 2017

Designation of SEC Version 5.5

The latest version of the SEC came into effect on 15th March 2017, in line with decisions made by SEC Change Board at its meeting on the 22nd February 2017.

At that meeting, the Change Board approved a Modification Proposal, SECMP0026 - Changes to the Security Sub-Committee Nomination Process.

SECMP0026 sought to alter the Security Sub-Committee’s member nomination process in three areas:

  1. Require that nominators must hold a relevant senior position within their organisation.
  2. Grant the SSC authority to reject nominees if they lack the relevant security expertise.
  3. Require the nominees to undergo security vetting.

Changes were made to SEC Section G: Security to implement this change.

Where can I find the latest Smart Energy Code?

A zip file containing all individual documents that comprise SEC 5.5 can be found here

You can find the individual SEC Sections and a consolidated SEC 5.5 on the SEC and Subsidiary Documents area of the SEC Website.

If you have any questions regarding SEC 5.5, please email the SECAS Helpdesk or call 020 7090 7755.