SECMP0028 Prioritising Service Requests

Proposer Andy Knowles
Lead Analyst Harry Jones
Date raised 16/12/2016
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update The DCC is currently progressing work on Traffic Management within its systems, which may deliver what the Proposer is seeking from this modification. The Proposer has therefore agreed to place SECMP0028 on hold pending the outcome of the DCC's work under SECMP0067 'Service Request Traffic Management'.

What is the issue?

The Proposer (Utilita Energy) notes that periods of high Service Request volumes going through DCC Systems will result in Service Request queuing and increased processing times. As a consequence, Energy Consumers may be adversely impacted. This is because increased processing times for Service Requests driven by Energy Consumers (prepayment meter tops ups) could cause Consumers being off supply for longer periods than necessary.

What is the solution?

In order to reduce potential impacts on Consumers, the Proposer suggests adding a priority ranking to each Service Request. During periods of high Service Request volumes, were a queue to form, this would result in the DCC processing higher priority Service Requests first.

Who is impacted?


Modification documents

SECMP0028_WG_02_1010 - Final Meeting Headlines v1.0
SECMP0028_WG_01_2802 - Meeting Headlines
SECMP0028 - Initial Modification Report v1.0
SECMP0028 - Modification Proposal Form v1.0
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No files
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