SECMP 0037: Pairing Local PPMIDs

Date raised 01/06/2017 Modifications Path Path 2 – Authority Determination
Current stage Refinement Process Overall status On Hold
Refinement? Yes Urgent modification? No
Proposer name Andy Knowles Proposer's organisation Utilita Energy


This modification seeks to remove the 60 minute limit requirement that Communications Hub (CH) currently have to allow the Hand Held Terminal (HHT) to join the Home Area Network (HAN) after power on. This is to give Suppliers the option of providing Prepayment Meter Interface Devices (PPMIDs) to their Consumers, that can join a HAN without requiring a reliable Wide Area Network (WAN) connection or engineer intervention.

Proposed implementation timetable

Note: This modification has been put on hold by the Proposer pending the outcome of the annual SSC Risk Assessment

Modification Proposal raised: 01 June 2017

Panel considers Initial Modification Report: 09 June 2017

Implementation date



  • Modification Proposal Raised
  • Initial Modification Report
  • Refinement Process
  • Modification Report
  • Change Board Vote
  • Modification Decision
SECMP0037 - Modification Proposal Form v1.3
SECMP0037 - Initial Modification Report
WG1_0808_SECMP0037 - Final Meeting Headlines
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If you believe there is a problem with this modification, please let us know HERE.

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