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The Modification Register is a standalone register containing information on all the Modification Proposals raised, past or present.

The register contains specific information on each of the Modification Proposals, such as the Proposer, summary and other high-level details provided on the original form and relevant links to the dedicated webpage for each Modification Proposal.

All information relevant to each Modification Proposal, such as the original proposal, Modification Reports, consultations and Working Group papers and minutes, is accessible via the Modification page which provides a life-cycle view of the modification.

A new Modification Register has been implemented on the SEC Website, and can be found here. This Modification Register provides SEC Parties and other interested SEC Website Users with information in relation to each Modification Proposal raised, its current status, and the associated documentation for each Modification Proposal.

If you encounter any issues with the Modification Register, or have any further questions in relation to this new feature, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.