MP180 Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement Implementation

Proposer Anna Stacey
Lead Analyst Mike Fenn
Date raised 23/08/2021
Implementation date 4 November 2021
Latest update This modification was implemented on 4 November 2021 as part of the November 2021 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

As part of the implementation of the Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) programme, all programme participants will be required to comply with the new detailed obligations to be set out in section C12 of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).
Without the addition to the SEC of specific wording which obligates SECCo to comply with the changes to the BSC, there is no legal requirement for SECCo or SECAS (as non-BSC Parties) to support the implementation of MHHS, and no contractual recourse if their duties are not met.

What is the solution?

This modification proposes to insert a new clause into the SEC to place an obligation on SECCo to comply with the obligations insofar as these apply to it under BSC section C12 ‘Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement Implementation’.

Who is impacted?


What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section C ‘Governance’

Modification documents

MP180 Authority Decision letter
MP180 Conclusions Report v1.0
MP180 Legal Text v1.0
MP180 Authority-Led Variation letter
MP180 Modification Report v1.0
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