SECMP0005 Include Tariff and Register Labels in SMETS Devices

Proposer Stacey Brentnall
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 01/03/2016
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update This Modification proposal was withdrawn by the Proposer on 11 March 2016.

What is the issue?

This Modification Proposal seeks to include Tariff Label and Register Labels in Smart Metering Devices and to allow them to be communicated through the Home Area Network (HAN) for display to the Consumer via HAN Devices (e.g. In Home Displays (IHD)). The Tariff Label will allow Suppliers to be able to label the product as well as ensuring the capability for displaying on HAN Devices so that the Consumer is always aware of the product configured on the Smart Meter. Similarly, Register Labels allow Suppliers to give smart meter registers a customer friendly name such as ‘Day’ or ‘Night’ or ‘Weekend’ rather than 'R1, R2 or R3'.

What is the solution?

The proposed solution is to include new data items within the Configuration Data sections in SMETS2 and amend GBCS, DUIS and MMC to align with these changes.

Who is impacted?

Supplier Parties
Network Parties
Other SEC Parties

What SEC documents are affected?

Section E 'Registration Data'
Appendix AD 'DCC User Interface Specification'
Appendix AF 'Message Mapping Catalogue'
Schedule 8 'Great Britain Companion Specification'
Schedule 9 'Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications'
Schedule 10 'Communication Hubs Technical Specifications'

Modification documents

SECMP0005 - Working Group Consultation Responses
SECMP0005 - Working Group Consultation
SECMP0005 - Working Group Meeting 4 Minutes
SECMP0005 - DCC Preliminary Assessment
SECMP0005 - Solution Design Documents
SECMP0005 - Working Group Meeting 3 Minutes
SECMP0005 - Working Group Meeting 2 Minutes
SECMP0005 - Working Group Meeting 1 Minutes
SECMP0005 - Initial Modification Report
SECMP0005 - Additional Information
SECMP0005 - Modification Proposal Form
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