SECMP0063 Ensuring correct Network Operator Certificates are placed on Electricity Smart Meters

Proposer Laura Kennett
Lead Analyst Joe Hehir
Date raised 02/10/2018
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update On 21 November, the Proposer agreed to withdraw this modification.

What is the issue?

Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) Certificates are put on Smart Meters to ensure they communicate information securely and to the correct Organisations. The Proposer has estimated that the incorrect Network Certificate is placed on Electricity Smart Metering Equipment (ESME) in approximately 10% of cases, preventing the true Network Operator from communicating with the ESME.

What is the solution?

The DCC has noted the Proposer’s proposed solution was only applicable to Electricity Smart Metering Equipment (ESME) and not Gas Smart metering Equipment (GSME). The DCC has therefore proposed that the DCC Data System performs a new validation check when it receives the following Service Requests submitted by Energy Suppliers:

  • SRV 6.15.1 ‘Update Security Credentials (KRP)’: Required only when it is targeted at an ESME
  • SRV 6.21 ‘Request Handover of DCC Controlled Device’: Required for the target device types ESME and GPF

The validation checks will verify that the Network Operator Certificate included in the Service Request belongs to the Network Operator that is recorded in the Data Service Provider’s copy of Registration data and therefore the responsible Network Operator for the MPAN or MPRN associated with the target Device. This provides a common and standard solution for both ESME and Gas Proxy Function (GPF) Devices.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Electricity Network Parties
Gas Network Parties


02 Oct 2018
Modification Proposal raised
02 Nov 2018
Working Group meeting
05 Jun 2019
Working Group meeting
09 Jul 2019
01 Aug 2019
DCC Preliminary Assessment
04 Sep 2019
Working Group meeting
15 Oct 2019
Update provided to the SMKI PMA
21 Nov 2019

Modification documents

SECMP0063 September 2019 Working Group meeting summary
SECMP0063 DCC Preliminary Assessment
SECMP0063 June 2019 Working Group meeting summary
SECMP0063 November 2018 Working Group meeting summary
SECMP0063 Initial Modification Report
SECMP0063 Modification Proposal
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