DP136 Enduring ICHIS Compliance Related to RF

Proposer Tom Woolley
Lead Analyst Emmanuel Ajayi
Date raised 14/07/2020
StageDevelopment Stage
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update The proposal will remain in development, and will be discussed further at the upcoming CSC.

What is the issue?

The Data Communication Company’s (DCC’s) derogation period for Intimate Communications Hub Interface Specification (ICHIS) Radio Frequency (RF) levels ended in March 2020. A number of electricity meters remain in the supply chain but not installed that are no longer complaint following the end of the derogation, which would make them unusable.
The Proposer believes that the SEC is in the process of supporting innovative changes to allow the re-use of meters.

The Proposer feels there are also multiple scenarios where a meter, once compliant should be able to be re-deployed.
The Proposer believes the wider impacts would lead to inefficiency across the supply chain of reported meters installed negative cost-benefit impact on Parties with a large number of meters that have become non-compliant.


14 Jul 2020
Draft Proposal Raised
28 Jul 2020
Change Sub-Committee for initial discussion.
25 Aug 2020
Change Sub-Committee for decision.

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DP136 Enduring ICHIS Compliance Related to RF
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