MP179 DCC Boxed

Proposer Tom Rothery
Lead Analyst Mike Fenn
Date raised 23/08/2021
Implementation date 24 February 2022
Latest update The Modification Report Consultation closed on Monday 17 January 2022. On Wednesday 26 January 2022 the Change Board voted to approve this modification. MP179 has been implemented as part of the February 2022 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

Currently, a User wishing to test its systems or Devices against DCC Systems must do so through remote or in-situ testing as set out in SEC Section H ‘Testing Services’ and SEC Appendix J ‘Enduring Testing Approach Document’ (ETAD), with a range of associated User-entry and connectivity steps which take time and incur cost.
As a result of the costs involved, and due to the nature of the DCC’s release schedule, it is often the case that there is limited time available in the regulated User Integration Testing (UIT) environment.
Without more accessible and robust testing of new products and Devices in a realistic simulation of a live environment, design issues will continue to go unidentified prior to implementation, resulting in lower performance and higher costs to resolve across all industry Parties.

What is the solution?

DCC Boxed is an end-to-end testing tool which replicates the end-to-end DCC system. Making DCC Boxed available for early testing will increase the quality of any new products and services because they will have been more rigorously tested over a longer timeframe.

Who is impacted?


What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section A ‘Definitions and Interpretation’
SEC Section H ‘DCC Services’
SEC Section K ‘Charging Methodology’
SEC Schedule 7 ‘Specimen Enabling Services Agreement’
SEC Appendix J ‘Enduring Testing Approach Document’

Modification documents

MP179 Modification Report Consultation responses
MP179 Conclusions Report v1.0
MP179 Modification Report Consultation
MP179 Working Group meeting summary - December 2021
MP179 Refinement Consultation responses
MP179 Refinement Consultation
MP179 Working Group meeting summary - November 2021
MP179 Legal Text v1.0
MP179 Modification Report v1.0
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