MP135 Correcting equivalence in Security Standards

Proposer Gordon Hextall
Lead Analyst Alison Beard
Date raised 10/07/2020
Implementation date 23/07/2020 (Ad-hoc SEC Release)
Latest update This modification was implemented on 23 July 2020.

What is the issue?

The Data Communications Company (DCC) is currently carrying out enrolment and adoption of installed Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS) 1 meters. The Middle Operating Capability phase (MOC) is due to go live on 26 July. During the Live Service Criteria review, an independent review by the Competent Independent Organisation (CIO) has shown that the SMETS1 Communication Service Providers (CSPs) involved in MOC have not used the security standards set out in SEC Sections G5.8 and G5.10 but have used equivalent international standards. However, Sections G5.8 and G5.20 are not included in Section G1.13 allowing ‘equivalence’. The DCC will therefore be in breach of the SEC once MOC has taken place.

What is the solution?

The Proposed Solution is to add Sections G5.8 and G5.10 to Section G1.13 to ensure the equivalent standards are acceptable.

Who is impacted?


What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section G 'Security'


10 Jul 2020
Draft Proposal raised
14 Jul 2020
21 Jul 2020
Modification Report Consultation
22 Jul 2020
Change Board vote
23 Jul 2020

Modification documents

MP135 Conclusions Report
MP135 Modification Report Consultation
DP135 legal text
DP135 Modification Report
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