MP083 Change Coordination

Proposer Tom Rothery
Lead Analyst Khaleda Hussain
Date raised 23/08/2019
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date TBC
Latest update The Proposer has been in discussions with customers on how to improve this proposal which has led to a change of approach. The Proposer will now be undertaking a six month trial with users and will be presenting this proposal to the October 2020 SEC Ops Group. The Proposer has requested for this modification to be placed on hold until after the six month trial. The trial will assess the support/issues it has received and will be bought back to the Working Group with a revised proposal.

What is the issue?

Changes to Users Systems, Devices and processes can have a direct impact on DCC Systems and the overall Smart Metering network. When changes are made to Systems, new Devices are introduced, or updates are made to existing Devices using DCC Systems, there is a risk that these activities may impair the performance of the DCC Total System. And, in extreme cases, there is a possibility that the Services could be disrupted. User-led changes can also have an impact on how the DCC identifies, triages and manages Incidents. There are no obligations in the SEC for DCC Users to provide such information. This means the DCC does not have a full view of changes and the potential impacts they may have on DCC Systems.

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section H 'DCC Services'


23 Aug 2019
Draft Proposal raised
17 Sep 2020
17 Apr 2021
Proposal on hold for six months
19 Apr 2021
On hold due to further trial

Modification documents

MP083 March 20 Working Group Summary
MP083 December 19 Working Group Summary
MP083 November 19 Working Group Meeting summary
DP083 Industry Comments
DP083 Problem Statement
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