SECMP0066 Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN) for Consignment of Communications Hubs

Proposer James Nixon
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 29/10/2018
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update The Refinement Consultation closed on 3 December 2019. SECAS are awaiting confirmation of the Impact Assessment cost before requesting the IA.

What is the issue?

The Modification proposes to amend SEC Appendix H ‘CH Handover Support Materials’ to increase the minimum notice that DCC must offer a Party regarding Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN) for the Consignment of Communication Hubs.

What is the solution?

Section 5 of Appendix H to the SEC will be altered to stipulate that where a Party has ordered a Consignment of Communications Hubs the DCC must offer that Party 10 working days’ notice that an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) for that Consignment of Communications Hubs is available via the Order Management System (OMS).

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Meter Operators

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section 5 of Appendix H ‘CH Handover Support Materials’


28 Oct 2018
Draft Proposal raised
01 Oct 2019
Preliminary Assessment received
06 Nov 2019
Monthly Working Group meeting
12 Nov 2019
03 Dec 2019
Refinement Consultation

Modification documents

SECMP0066 Refinement Consultation Responses
SECMP0066 Working Group Meeting November 2019 summary
SECMP0066 Refinement Consultation
SECMP0066 Working Group Meeting Summary June 2019
SECMP0066 Working Group Meeting 1 Notes (05.12.18)
SECMP0066 Working Group 1 Meeting Materials
SECMP0066 Urgency Decision
SECMP0066 Initial Modification Report
SECMP0066 Modification Proposal Form
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