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SMETS1 End Date Derogations

By Alison Beard  /  8 October 2018
On 3rd July 2018, the Government published a consultation on the proposed final SMETS1 end date of 5th December 2018,...
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Publication of BEIS CAD testing and pairing document

By Adam Musgrave  /  4 October 2018
The smart metering roll-out in Great Britain will create an unprecedented new platform for innovation in energy data. The Government’s...
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BEIS Response to Consultation on SMETS1 End Date

By Alison Beard  /  4 October 2018
On 3rd July 2018, the Government published a consultation on the proposed final SMETS1 and Advanced Meter Exception end dates....
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Smart Metering Implementation Programme: BEIS Consultation on regulatory changes for Release 2 go-live

By Alison Beard  /  1 October 2018
Today BEIS published their consultation on regulatory changes for Release 2 go-live. Please find a link below to the consultation letter. Release...
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Call for TABASC nominations by 15th October 2018

By Rebecca Jones  /  24 September 2018
November 2018 signals the end of the term for the following Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) Members: Three...
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Introduction to the SEC Seminar 19th September 2018

By James Hosen  /  20 September 2018
On the 19th September 2018 SECAS held the bi-annual “Introduction to the SEC” Seminar. The seminar provides an introductory understanding...
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SEC Version 5.22 Designated

By Alison Beard  /  19 September 2018
SEC v5.22 came into effect on 18th September 2018. The Secretary of State has designated a new SEC Appendix AK...
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SEC Variation Testing Approach Document (SVTAD) for SMETS1

By Stephen Blann  /  18 September 2018
BEIS today issued its response to the consultation issued in August on incorporation into the SEC of the SEC Variation...
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SEC Modifications Question Hour – October 2018

By Harry Jones  /  17 September 2018
The next SEC Modifications Question Hour will be held on Monday, 8th October 2018. The session will begin at 11am with an update on...
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Second iteration of the TABASC Effectiveness Review questionnaire has been issued – response invited by 12th October 2018

By Kayla Reinhart  /  14 September 2018
The Effectiveness Review The Smart Energy Code (SEC) Sections F1.4 (e), (f) and (g) set out the requirements for the...
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