Virtual Security Assessments

25 March 2020

Coronavirus Update:

Events relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are changing on a daily basis. Following the most recent government guidance, we are asking all but essential staff to work remotely and this includes the User CIO. Consequently, for the time being, User CIO will no longer be able to offer on site Security and Privacy Assessment or host these at their offices.

What does this mean for my upcoming assessment?

We will moving to a Virtual Assessment Model which has been agreed with User CIO in order to avoid any disruption to our services or an impact on SEC compliance for Parties and access to the DCC Smart Metering Systems. This will continue until at least June 2020.

How will the Virtual Model work?

  1. Much the same as the current process which is largely conducted over email, telephone and Egress. So it’s business as usual apart from the field work assessment, which will now also move to a virtual process.
  2. Each assessment will kick-off with a teleconference to commence activities – video enabled if possible.
  3. All documentation required by the User CIO for review will need to be shared via Egress or an alternative secure platform which the User nominates and provides login access for User CIO
  4. For any forthcoming meetings, your meeting host will be in contact with you to ensure all necessary arrangements are in place to hold meetings digitally i.e. SSC FUSA presentation or Engagement meetings

What should do next?

Unless you have any immediate queries or concerns you do not need to do anything. Our team will contact you as usual to provide you with all the necessary information prior your assessment and confirm any additional information necessary for the sharing of documentation.