Opportunity for Energy Suppliers to be part of a new Utilities Switching Service offering energy procurement for public sector customers in an innovative and novel way

16th November 2018

Most cost-conscious homeowners will have used a comparison site to find the best deal for their household energy. The launch of a new portal enables public and third sector organisations to compare and switch energy deals, opening up a significant business opportunity for energy suppliers to get involved.

For relatively small public sector energy buyers such as schools or health centres, finding the best value energy deal can be a time-consuming process.

Although most large organisations now have sophisticated procurement frameworks in place, they are often too complex for the needs of a smaller buyer.

A new online switching site in the form of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has now been launched by the Crown Commercial Service to enable public sector organisations to benefit from the same simplicity and ease of access that has made domestic switching sites so popular. 

The public sector organisations that can use the switching site cover a broad spectrum including, but not limited to, schools & academies, local authorities, GP surgeries, charities and housing associations. The size of the organisation that can benefit from this service could be from a small GP surgery through to a large School and the service can cover single or multiple sites. The switching site has been designed to make it easy and transparent for customers to find the energy deals that fit their requirements in an efficient process.

 Customers using the Utilities Switching Service can quickly compare energy options side by side and choose fixed pricing over a contract term of their choice based on their commercial requirement.

 Suppliers also benefit from the significant promotional efforts underway across government departments and public sector organisations to encourage customers to consider the portal.

The service has also been designed to provide suppliers with flexibility to fit in with their business needs. After registering through a Dynamic Purchasing System, they are able to come on and off the portal over the course of a four-year period depending on the number of contracts they wish to commit to. 

They’re also able to choose which customers their offers are marketed to, for example by only providing pricing to organisations for direct debit etc.

To register and start the application process on this great opportunity please visit this link here.

For any further information on what will be required for a supplier throughout the registration process then please visit this link here where you can access the bid pack and review the Selection Questions associated when moving through an application.

If you have any questions or require support throughout your journey please email ussdps@gemserv.com

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