Technical Specification Incompatibility Matrix Published

22 October 2020

As part of the recent BEIS Consultation on Changes to Smart Energy Code Technical Specifications and Subsidiary Documents, BEIS concluded that the SEC Panel shall produce an Incompatibility Matrix to replace the Compatibility Matrix, which contains all known Technical Specification design incompatibilities.

‘Incompatible’ means in respect of a Version of any Technical Specification, that Devices or apparatus which comply with that Version are known to have been designed in a manner that does not enable them to inter-operate fully with Devices or apparatus that comply with the specified Version of each other Technical Specification.

The Incompatibility Matrix is clearer than the previous Compatibility Matrix because compatibility between Devices is a fundamental design principle of Smart Metering. In contrast, any incompatibilities are relatively rare.

The intention is to reflect deliberate incompatibilities between different versions of the SMETS2 specifications, rather than unintended incompatibilities between Devices identified during testing. SMETS1 does not have enough versions (or an equivalent to GBCS in regulation) for there to be any deliberate incompatibilities between different SMETS1 versions.

The associated SEC obligation is referenced in SEC Section F2.11 – F2.13.

All SEC Parties will be notified via email whenever a change has been made to the matrix.

The Incompatibility Matrix can be found on our website under the Code Required Documents here.