Survey for SEC Parties: DCC Boxed

7 May 2021

SEC Parties are invited to respond to the DCC’s survey on a new ‘design proving’ development/test tool developed by the DCC, called DCC Boxed. The survey is available here and must be completed by close on 14 May 2021. Your engagement and response is key to help shape the tool.

SEC Parties are also encouraged to provide their understanding on the regulatory and financial models proposed for DCC Boxed. DCC Boxed has been designed as part of the DCC’s continuation to offer transparency and engagement with its users.

SEC Parties will receive a public briefing pack along with the survey. It will explain why the DCC developed DCC Boxed; what it is, how it could be useful for you, how much it could cost DCC Users, and when it could be available.

If you have any queries regarding DCC Boxed, please contact and