SSC Survey on whether the NCSC CPA Scheme is ‘Fit for Purpose’

2 July 2021

The Smart Energy Code (SEC) Security Sub-Committee (SSC) has a SEC obligation In SEC Section G7.20 (d) to:

“G7.20(d) keep under review the NCSC CPA Certificate scheme in order to assess whether it continues to be fit for purpose in so far as it is relevant to the Code, and suggest modifications to the Scheme Provider to the extent to which it considers them appropriate;”

The SSC has designed a survey to engage directly with smart metering Industry participants with experience of the CPA Scheme, including energy Suppliers with SEC obligations for Device security, manufacturers of smart metering Devices, MAPS as investors in Devices and Other SEC Parties with an interest in assuring Devices for smart metering operations, to assess whether the existing arrangements continue to be fit for purpose.

The findings from this survey will be shared with the SSC, the SEC Panel and BEIS to inform decision making on whether the NCSC CPA Scheme continues to be fit for purpose in so far as it is relevant to the Code and to consider any modifications necessary to provide security assurance of smart metering Devices.

Please find the survey here.

If your organisation wishes to collate views internally before submitting a response, you can download a Microsoft Word copy of the survey here.

Please provide your responses by close on 16 July 2021. It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact


Thank you,

SECAS Security Team