SMETS1 Services Release Architecture Documents (Business & Technical) Published

21 June 2019

SEC Section F1.4 (i) sets out the requirement on the Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) to develop and thereafter maintain the Technical Architecture Document (TAD) and the Business Architecture Document (BAD).

In advance of SMETS1 Services Release going live, the BAD and TAD have now been updated to apply the SMETS1 Services Release content as well as other necessary SEC content updates.

Following the industry review, where comments received were addressed and incorporated into the final versions, the TABASC has now approved the updated documents.

The documents can be found here.

Please note, the BAD is accompanied by the Business Architecture Model (BAM), which provides a high-level view of the processes set out within the BAD. The supporting SMETS1 Services Release changes to the BAM are scheduled to be drafted following the BAD being finalised. Once complete, you will be able to view an updated model that includes any SMETS1 Services Release changes.