SMETS1 End Date Derogations

8 October 2018

On 3rd July 2018, the Government published a consultation on the proposed final SMETS1 end date of 5th December 2018, and invited stakeholder views on a proposal to align the timeframe of derogations already granted to qualifying energy suppliers with this final SMETS1 end date. The Government response published on 4th October confirmed these proposals, setting the final SMETS1 end date as 5th December 2018 and aligning the timeframe of derogations granted earlier this year with this final SMETS1 end date.

The amended direction letters have been issued to 12 Energy Suppliers, and these are published below, redacted for commercial and personal information.

  1. Centrica
  2. E (Gas and Electricity)
  3. Ecotricity
  4. EDF
  5. E.ON
  6. First Utility
  7. NPower
  8. Our Power
  9. OVO
  10. Scottish Power
  11. SSE
  12. Utility Warehouse