BEIS Consultation on incorporating SEC Variation Testing Approach Document (SVTAD) into the SEC for Release 2

30 January 2018

On 30 January 2018 BEIS issued a consultation letter to Ofgem, the SEC Panel, SEC Parties and other interested parties seeking views on proposals to designate SVTAD v1.5 into the SEC.  The proposed designation date for the incorporation of this document into the SEC is 22 February 2018 or, if necessary, within one month thereafter.

The date for responses to this consultation is 13 February 2018.

List of documents:

    1. Consultation letter – inc draft direction at Annex B
    2. Annex A – the SEC Variation Testing Approach Document (SVTAD)

In addition the following documents – which are due for an approval decision by the Secretary of State further to the current consultation – are provided for reference:

    1. System Integration Test Approach Document (SIT)
    2. Device Integration Test Approach Document (DIT)